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Welcome to Mabel's Fables, our new blog series following puppy owners who have been inspired by our journey with Mabel. We'll follow them as they bring home their new puppy and throughout their training journey.

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So, it’s four days until we bring our new family member home! We’ve spent the last 48 hours desperately trying to puppy proof the house (all been there, right?). Fast forward through the panic, and feeling that we’re forgetting something, we’ve now arrived at excitement!

A bit of background info about us, we are a young family of three. My fiancé, Huw, works full time, whilst I work from home and look after our one year old son, Harvey. We both have experience with large guardian breeds, so felt comfortable looking for a family guard dog.

For the last 3 years we’ve talked about getting a dog, we’ve considered all breeds from the short and squat Frenchie to the lanky, gentle giant Great Dane! Somewhere along the lines (neither of us can remember) the word ‘Boerboel’ got thrown out there, and we’ve had our heart set on one ever since. From the first image we saw on google, we we’re intrigued by this impressive beast! After the initial infatuation, we took to learning as much about this breed as possible, to ensure that it would be the right fit for our family.

Having learnt about the Boerboel’s characteristics, it ticked the box for everything that we were looking for in a family companion. We live on a large farm, so we wanted an element of guarding from both wild animals and people, yet we also wanted a dog that would be great around our family when in the house. It was very important that the breed that we brought home had a strong affinity for children, because of Harvey. As a family we enjoy going for walks, so wanted a dog that had energy levels to match, but could also be chilled out in the house.

After our years of research, it was time for the easy part, finding a good breeder 🙄 (cough cough). After many phone calls, emails and video chats, we eventually found the breeder that was right for us.. the only thing that stood in our way was a global pandemic! Despite this small set back, we managed to secure a puppy from her litter. From the first picture it was love at first sight, we couldn’t wait to meet her! We had already made the fatal error of naming her before meeting her. We decided on the name Amahle, which is an African name meaning ‘the beautiful one’. When lockdown eased we finally had the chance to go and meet the little monkey. Safe to say, we were not disappointed!

We tested Amahle’s personality and introduced her to Harvey, thankfully they hit it off and it couldn’t have gone better, which meant our 6 hour round journey wasn’t in vain. After spending two hours with Amahle, we then had the fortune of meeting her parents, Jaw’s (the sire), was one of the largest and most magnificent animals we had ever seen! We still cannot get over the size of his head! All too soon, it was time to go back home again, which leads us here eagerly awaiting Sunday, the day we are bringing Amahle home.



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