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Welcome to Mabel's Fables, our new blog series following puppy owners who have been inspired by our journey with Mabel. We'll follow them as they bring home their new puppy and throughout their training journey.

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Hello, my name is Derren, I'm 24 and I'm a professional mechanic by trade. My lovely girlfriend of almost 5 years is Leia, she is a student and works 2 jobs. And also a fully qualified dog groomer We live together in Scotland just outside a wee town called Ayr. We don't have any kids, just 2 dogs 1 shih tzu named Archie who's 4 years old and a new wee puppy cane corso Arnie 10 weeks.
We got our first dog 4 years ago. We rehomed a shih tzu. He was 12 weeks when we got him and named him Archie. Archie has been a good dog since we got him. Training wise his obedience was more easy to train than his manners and toilet training but with time and constant correction he's turned into a well behaved young dog, couldn't ask for a better wee dog. 
Why did we want a cane corso? 
I have been wanting a cane corso for around 8 years or so I first came across the breed on a YouTube video. So I did as much research into the breed as I could and thought I would love to share my home with one of these amazing dogs but not right now as I didn't have the time to give the dog. Well 8 years later I now have the time. I have been watching Will's videos on how to pick a perfect puppy/breeder etc so I followed his instructions. I had contacted a good few breeders before settling on a home breeder for a couple reasons. We looked into importing and getting from professional kennels etc. We didn't want to get from a professional kennels as most were show quality dogs I'm not saying you shouldn't show etc I mean there dogs were amazing! But I think that those kind of dogs would be better off being shown. So we decided to go for a home breeder in the UK with kids in the house etc. We wanted a big guardian breed as we both had them growing up, Leia had a German shepherd named Tula and I had 2 German shepherd's Roxy and Keira. So we had the experience between us to get the cane corso.
How did we find the first couple of weeks? 
The first couple of weeks with Arnie have had there ups and downs. You forget how hard training a pup can be. But we are getting there just fine now. Training wise I can't belive how intelligent the cane corso is, I know everybody says about it in videos but I was still taken back. His obedience is coming along good with sit, stay, lie down, wait, with a few tricks aswell. It wasn't that long till he got the hang of it either, was a matter of hours. Toilet training, I think in total we maybe had 5-6 accidents in the house. Which I thought was pretty amazing. And now goes to the door. Also the rate that the cane corso grows is crazy! I go to work and come home for lunch 4-5 hours later and I can see he's bigger. As a family we are delighted to have Arnie the cane corso with us now. 
We look forward on keeping yous up to date on our progress. 
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