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Welcome to Mabel's Fables, our new blog series following puppy owners who have been inspired by our journey with Mabel. We'll follow them as they bring home their new puppy and throughout their training journey.

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We got in the car after visiting Goose and I just felt a sense of relief wash over me. Ever since we lost out on adopting Max I have just felt an overwhelming sense of a dog being missing from our lives. Finally, we had our own dog and I couldn’t wait to start planning for his arrival. Seven weeks felt like a lifetime, I just couldn’t imagine not seeing him again until we brought him home. Lucky for us, our breeder is great and said that we could go and visit as much as we wanted. Honestly, I wanted to go up literally the next weekend but Robson talked some sense into me, and we decided that we would go and see him at four weeks, six
weeks, and then of course at eight weeks when we bring him home.

Luckily, our breeder has been sending regular pictures and videos of Goose so it never felt like we were left out of the loop. Every time we saw a new video or picture of him he was getting bigger and bigger, and seemed to love charging around after his siblings. As we had hit the four-week mark we took the trip up to see Goose again, and the wave of love washed over me all over again. He’s definitely one of the bigger puppies of the group, and according to the breeder is also one of the most confident. He is constantly at the front of the pack and loves playing but will also quite happily find himself a quiet corner when he is ready for a nap. Apparently, he’s a snorer. Our second visit also gave me more of an
opportunity to spend some time with the mom. She has the most lovely  temperament, and when she isn’t watching or feeding the puppies there is nothing she loves more than a scratch behind the ears or on her tummy. If Goose is half as good of a dog as she is, we will have done a great job.

One of the things we’ve probably spent the most time looking into is what kind of food would be best for Goose. The breeder actually weans her puppies onto raw food, which we were super happy about because we had been thinking about doing “raw feeding” after watching videos on Fenrir Canine Show and Jason Corey’s channel. At the moment, we’re pretty set on the idea that this is something we want to do. She’s fed her dogs raw for years after being advised to swap diets to improve one of her dogs skin condition, and by simply changing to a raw diet the condition cleared up completely. When we first started looking
into raw feeding I felt a little gross about it. I’ll be completely honest, I don’t know how comfortable I would feel prepping it myself, especially when dealing with things like cow hearts! I don’t even really like prepping raw meat for me and Robson before cooking it, it makes me feel a bit squeamish. So, we have done research and spoke to our breeder about where she gets the raw food from, and luckily there is a local business who does all the dirty work for you at a reasonable price. Along with a raw diet, we’re still looking into what treats we can and should use, especially when it comes to training Goose.

With four weeks left to go we’re starting to get everything ready for when Goose comes home with us. We’ve started buying toys, looking at a baby gate (yes, a baby gate) and starting to watch the perfect puppy course so that we’re ready for day one. From watching Wills videos I know that you’re not meant to treat your puppy like a baby… and I know for a fact that this is something I’m going to struggle with. A lot. The few times that we have been up to visit Goose I have caught myself doing it, and have to remine myself that as cute as he
is I shouldn’t be treating him like that. The whole experience of getting a puppy is going to be a learning curve, but we’re willing and ready to put in the work to make sure he grows up to be the best possible dog.

Here’s hoping that the next four weeks go quickly, I can’t wait to have him home with us. I don’t know whether I’ll be equally as excited at 3am when I’m outside toilet training… I’ll keep you updated.

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