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Welcome to Mabel's Fables, our new blog series following puppy owners who have been inspired by our journey with Mabel. We'll follow them as they bring home their new puppy and throughout their training journey.

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It seems a perfect time, with our puppy only days away from coming home to reflect on why we came to the decision that NOW is the time to get a Rhodesian Ridgeback. 
We live in Melbourne Australia, we are a family of four Daddy Michael, Mummy Rose, Brother Eli (almost 4) and Baby Sister Raeven,《10 months)  14 year old King Charles Cavalier x Shitzu Molly, Gypsy Cat and 7 chickens! When you read that you might think our house is full, but 6 months ago we were left with a gigantic Golden Retriever sized hole in our hearts when we lost 8yr old gentle giant CC extremely suddenly. 
It wasn't until we lost CC that we realised how much we relied on the big pooch to keep us safe and aware. I (Mummy) suddenly had a lot of trouble sleeping and felt worried at night. CC would also baby sit the chickens during the day, a job that Molly has taken on but will be MORE than happy to hand over.
When talking about a puppy before we lost CC we were actually decided on a dachshund of all dogs but after we lost him we realised quickly we needed something with a bit more presence amongst other reasons.
Throughout my childhood I have had Ridgebacks around here and there and they were always lovely dogs. I have a friend 5 houses up that has 3 from the breeder we chose, these dogs have an incredible temperament and offer the perfect amount of loving for us. 
One of the biggest deal breakers for me when choosing a breed (of couse up there with temperament and exercise requirements) was the dog HAD to have a short coat ( I think the cleaners of the house understand what I'm getting at) having had a LONG haired golden retriever.
After toying with the Ridgeback idea for 2 months I came across one of Will's videos on The Canine Show about the breed and I was convinced we could do it and i can have the dog with the manners I have always wanted. And as an added bonus Michael will be on holidays for the first 3 weeks we have our puppy!
We are ao excited to share our journey with you and can't wait to start implementing the "Perfect Puppy Course"
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