5 Reasons Why YOU SHOULD Get A Cane Corso


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The Cane Corso, also called the Italian Mastiff, is a large breed dog that was originally a

Roman war dog. For the Romans, these dogs served all kinds of uses from being used in

battle to herding the livestock the army lived on. After the empire’s fall, the war dog turned

farm dog and found a comfy home guarding property and livestock. Today, they still fill a

similar role as a guard dog and an incredibly loyal canine companion.

1. And that leads me to my first point. If you're looking for an extremely loyal guard dog,

it's hard to find a better breed than the Cane Corso. They are big dogs that can

weigh up to 150 pounds but are agile and athletic despite their size. Their solid

stature and equally intimidating bark make them a great deterrent for bad guys, but

should the worst happen, they will not hesitate to take down any threats. This

protectiveness is one of the Corsos greatest assets as a guard dog and is also the

reason why they are best with experienced and confident leaders.

2. Alright, let's move on to the lighter side of their loyalty and that is, Corsos are

incredibly affectionate. Many people refer to them as velcro dogs because they are

often physically touching you or keeping a close eye on where you and the other

family members are. They love to cuddle and be part of whatever is going on and are

happiest when all of their people are in the same area.

3. Because they are a working dog, they have more energy than many other mastiff

breeds. They love napping on the couch with you equally as much as going to a park

or on a run. They love having a yard to run around in and can play for hours before

needing a nap. They are a really wonderful combination of high energy working dog

and sleep all day mastiff once they mature out of puppyhood.

4. Other than a cuddle, the Corso wants nothing more than to please its leader which

can make them very easy to train for an experienced handler. They are quite

intelligent which means they'll test boundaries and leadership, but it’s also why they

excel at competition obedience and guard work. With a calm, consistent canine

leader, the Corso is a versatile dog that can be a real pleasure to work with at both

intense and general training levels.

5. My final reason why a Cane Corso could be a great choice for you is their minimal

grooming needs. They have a short double coat, and other than shedding a bit more

in the spring in fall like most double coat dogs, the Corso won't leave piles of hair

around your home. You'll want to wipe their paws before coming inside and keep a

towel on hand for after they drink but in general, you'll find that the Corso isn't a

pretty clean dog. And that's really saying something considering their size.

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