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So, our first fact today is of the size of these dogs. The American Akita is a very large dog. They can grow up to weigh 130 pounds and up to around 26 inches in height. Their imposing size gives them a common reputation of being a slightly threatening but incredibly noble dog breed. They have a very regal air about them and no matter what they are doing this nobility is very clear. Although this regal nature may appear very majestic, it can also be quite imposing to onlookers. Their size alongside their muscular bodies can be quite intimidating for someone encountering them for the very first time. However, the Akita is actually a really loyal and fun-loving dog which adores its family and with the right training and lots of socialisation as a pup they can be extremely friendly and loving dogs. Our second fact is that the Akita can be a bit of a selfish dog. It’s rare to hear about a dog that’s not willing to share, but the American Akita is unique in that way. These dogs are known to be quite possessive. They’re not going to like sharing their food or even their treats and that doesn’t stop with just sharing with other dogs or pets. Even though an American Akita will develop a relationship with the entire family, it’ll be completely attached to one particular owner due to its incredibly loyal nature. These dogs will be passionately attached to that one owner and will actually be very possessive of them. American Akitas will not want to share their owner, not even with other people. Don’t worry if that selfishness sounds like a bit much for you, the Akita can learn especially with socialisation. The key is teaching them to respect boundaries - something that you’ll need to teach your Akita from an early age consistently. Now, the third fact about the impressive American Akita is that they are a very healthy breed. Generally speaking, American Akitas are considered to be a fairly healthy breed. However, the breed is a result of inbreeding to begin with so the gene pool in the United States is very small meaning that the American Akita is prone to many genetic diseases. Some of the most common ones include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, autoimmune diseases, hypothyroidism, pseudohyperkalemia, and many more. While that may sound alarming, there’s a way to keep your Akita’s health well and all it takes is proper care and proper feeding—things that you should be doing for your dog anyway. High quality foods should be top priority; they make sure that your pup will be in the best condition they possibly can be.  The fourth fact about the Akita is that they are very clean dogs. As a breed, they personally do not like to be dirty and so take it upon themselves to keep themselves clean. They are one of the very few dog breeds that will take care and clean itself which is very similar to that of a cat. The American Akita is known to not develop doggy odours which is a great thing for owners. Although they are very clean dogs, you will still need to bathe them, just not as often as you would another dog breed. Our final fact today about the incredible and powerful Akita is that they are amazing sporting dogs. You may not expect it, but the American Akita is actually a very good competitor in sporting events. They are incredibly strong and intelligent which has enabled them to become amazing competitors in competitions such as obedience trials, weight pulling, agility, protection and tracking. If this is something that you want to do with your Akita then you do need to dedicate lots of time and effort to training them – it’s most definitely something you need lots of patience for and it will be worth the difficulty of training in the end.

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