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FIRST IMPRESSION COUNT  The American Akita is one intense and impressive breed. For starters, he got the size working for him. A fully grown Akita male can reach 28 inches to the shoulder and weigh up to 110 pounds. Add to that his attitude, his self-confidence, his pride and serious mind, and there’s a dog you won’t approach just because you can.  Unlike many other naturally born guardians and protection breeds, the Akita is not a mastiff. No, as unlikely as it may seem, he is a spitz type dog with his tail curled up on his back. But don’t let his fuzzy look fool you. This is a breed who’s fiercely loyal to his family, but he doesn’t like strangers very much. So if you don’t know the people holding his lead, do yourself a favour and do not approach without asking from a distance.  Aside from his size, the Akita may at a quick glance remind you of a bear cub. He’s got that thick coat you just want to bury your hands in and cuddle, but really – that’s not a good idea. While he may seem quiet and calm from a distance, looking at him in the wrong way may set him off in the split of a second. And trust me, you do not want this dog to lunge at you.  THE LOOK IN DETAIL  Let’s dive into what an Akita actually looks like. We already established he’s a large and heavy breed. That coat of his is thick and pretty much impenetrable. It’s not that it’s long, it is just thick and impenetrable. There are double layers, where the undercoat is thick and plush, and the overcoat is short. No matter what you may think of this from a distance; these guys shed all year around, and during shedding seasons – extensively. If you’re thinking about getting yourself an American Akita you should invest in a good vacuum cleaner. The fur you’ll work hard to remove from both dog and home come in every colour, and sometimes have that black mask and white markings on their chest.  The Akita’s body is very well balanced and quite heavy set, with his straight legs beneath him and his tail curled up over his back. With all that fur I just discussed, and that triangular head, deep set eyes and erect ears, he does somewhat resemble a bear which can look cute, but not so cute that you’ll want to cuddle with him unannounced.  The most striking part with an Akita is not the way he looks, but how he holds himself. This is not a breed you want to find in the backyard of a house you’re about to rob. You’ll have no chance whatsoever if one of these guys charge at you. They are strong, independent, intense, powerful, awe-inspiring and in your face if you invade their territory. This is what makes these dogs so impressive. Much more than their appearance, although that muscled and heavy set body of theirs helps.  They may not necessary LOOK it, but if you can’t feel their presence when you stand next to them, then.. well, I don’t know how to respond to that, to be quite honest with you. 

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