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AKITA! Why Are They GOOD! Why Are They BAD!

AKITA! Why Are They GOOD! Why Are They BAD!


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Now, as I already mentioned at the beginning of today’s video, the Akita is a powerful breed, large in size and strong in personality and physically. They are a determined and courage-filled dog breed loyal to their family. Their loyalty to their human companions is a quality that these dogs are extremely well renowned for. Originally used for guarding royalty and nobility in Japan, these dogs are inherently loyal and protective of their families and if you are after a watchdog then you can be sure that this dog can be trained to do so. They will bark when needed in order to warn you of anything they perceive as a danger. Their protective nature means that they will naturally defend their family without a second thought making them excellent watchdogs. As an owner, you should socialise your Akita often from a young age as their loyalty to you and your family can cause these dogs to be wary of other people and animals with the objective of keeping you safe at all times. They are great for owners who know how to handle them and train them properly with consistency and patience. They are bright dogs, but with a reserved nature, they won’t bark unnecessarily and can be very independent. Which brings us to our next point – the Akita can sometimes be difficult to train. Their strong-willed and independent nature can cause them to be quite stubborn at times, so they definitely need an owner to be training them from a young age with a consistent gentle but firm manner, and your leadership needs to be clear and respected by your dog. Akitas, as a breed, are fun-loving dogs by nature and will love to play with their family out in the garden and in the home. They thrive in a home environment and being with their people is very important to them. Although they are strong and courageous dogs, they are actually very sensitive by nature and tend to show their love for their owner in calm and quiet ways like wanting to know where you are, but not in a pestering way. Grooming your Akita is not too difficult, but they are very heavy shedders which is important to know if you are not someone who will be able to deal with a large amount of hair all over your home and clothes. You will be frequently hoovering up large amounts of hair so be sure to consider this when looking into the breed that you want. The heaviest of their shedding happens two or three times a year, but they continue to shed all year round. In order to slightly reduce the amount of hair you find around the house; you should brush your dog at least weekly which will also help keep their plush coat healthy and clean. They will also require baths every few months to prevent their dense coat getting matted with dirt. However, Akitas do like to keep themselves clean and so tend to attend to this themselves.  Akitas are incredibly intelligent dogs and their large muscular build means that they need a lot of daily exercise and mental stimulation in order to maintain a happy and healthy life. An Akita needs a minimum of two hours of exercise each day which should include long walks and off-lead running in safe and secure areas where there are no other animals or livestock around due to the Akita’s high prey drive – they were bred to hunt wild animals, and this is an inherent instinct that you need to be aware of. They are powerful dogs with an athletic build and need to be able to release their energy to prevent any bad habits and behaviours from developing. They should be let out into the back garden as often as possible, but this does need to be extremely secure as they are well-known as being very intelligent escape artists. Depending on who you are and your lifestyle, this amount of exercise that the Akita requires may be a huge pro or a big con.  The Akita is a truly stunning and impressive breed with high intelligence, noble appearance and an extremely loyal nature. However, it is important to consider both the pros and the cons to a breed before deciding if they are the pup for you. 

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