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5 Reasons Why YOU SHOULD Get a Akita Puppy!

5 Reasons Why YOU SHOULD Get a Akita Puppy!


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5: The Akita is an excellent guard dog

If you are interested in a tremendously loyal and naturally protective dog, then the Akita is well worth considering: Contrary to many other guard dog breeds – such as the Malinois or the Boxer – the Akita does NOT require any guard dog training to excel in its role!

In fact, protecting their owners and their owners’ property is very deeply ingrained in this ancient Japanese breed. So much so that responsible breeders will not even sell you a puppy if they suspect that you might be engaging it in any kind of guard dog training in the future.

This fact might surprise you - but consider that these breeders often have decades of first-hand experience when it comes to living with Akitas. They know exactly just how powerful the breed’s natural guarding instincts are. Also, these instincts are amplified by the Akitas’ extreme wariness of strangers. Combined with the immense physical prowess of an adult Akita, this drive to guard and protect makes for a fearsome – and potentially very dangerous - guard dog.

So, if you are an experienced dog-owner and you are looking to bring a devoted guardian into your home who will protect you with his life – then, you definitely should get an Akita!

4: You are an impeccable canine leader

And this brings us straight to reason number 4 why the Akita could be the perfect breed for you: If you are a calm, consistent canine leader and you genuinely enjoy training dogs to high levels of obedience, then the Akita is an excellent choice.

These fearless guardians are highly intelligent, but - at the same time - very independent and aloof. In terms of obedience training, they are right at the opposite end of the scale from extremely trainable breeds like the Malinois or the German Shepherd. And whilst harsh corrections usually work well with the Shepherd breeds, they will get you nowhere with the Akita. On the contrary: Even at a young age, Akitas are known to strongly oppose heavy-handed punitive measures. In other words, they try to bite when treated with violence.

Success in obedience training often is equally elusive for owners following the “positive-only”- approach with their Akita: Trying to “bribe” them into compliance with the promise of food or play is often met with an astounding lack of cooperation.

Of course, should you yourself be an experienced dog owner and high-level canine leader, you will know this. But for you, the Akita’s independent streak will not be a serious concern, as it would be for inexperienced owners.

You are keenly aware of the vital importance of establishing strong leadership with your new Akita. Therefore, you will see its apparent stubbornness as a fascinating challenge, not as a problem. You will see their strong personality and fearless nature as an asset – and as a welcome opportunity for you to grow in your skills - to become an even better canine leader.

Seen this way, the Akita is a dog trainer’s ultimate challenge: A breed so extraordinary difficult to educate to high levels of obedience that whatever success you DO achieve will be all the more rewarding.

Therefore, I think it is safe to say: If you are that type of canine expert, you will absolutely LOVE working with this breed – and you absolutely SHOULD get an Akita!

3: The Akita is an active, fun-loving dog

If you are looking for a large guard dog to accompany you on long walks, hikes, and camping trips, then the Akita is a good choice. The breed’s high levels of agility and endurance stem from their origin as fearless hunting companions in Northern Japan. The Akitas’ job was to flush out big game – including elk, bear and wild boar – and to keep it in check until the arrival of the hunters. This task required considerable strength and endurance from the dogs, simply because of the rough, mountainous, and often snow-covered terrain they had to work in.

The Akita’s extraordinary prowess makes the breed quite capable to being your active canine companion – not only for excursions into the great outdoors, but also for fun play-sessions in your garden: To this day, the ancient hunting companion has kept its pronounced prey drive. With a bit of skill on your part, this instinct can be channelled into various fun games. For example, you can teach your Akita to retrieve different objects upon command, to methodically search your garden for toys you have been hiding there, or to simply enjoy a nice game of tug-of-war.

2: Akitas are extremely devoted to their loved ones

Their fun-loving, playful nature brings us to reason number 2 why you should get an Akita: These dogs are absolutely devoted to their owners and their family. In a home environment, the active Akita is a calm, clean and gentle companion.

These loving, loyal, and very affectionate dogs adore spending time with their people. When socialised and trained well from early on, they absolutely thrive in family environments. Whilst always up for playtimes and outings, Akitas are equally happy to hang out on the couch and cuddle with their owners.

By the way, the Akitas’ affectionate nature also makes them wonderful therapy dogs. In this line of work, they help patients suffering from various illnesses – including children and the elderly. Of course, only very well-socialized dogs are chosen for such a role.

1: Akitas are like no other dog breed on the planet

The balance between devotion and independence that we have been discussing here ties in nicely into reason number 1 why you should get an Akita: If you value the immensely strong bond an Akita will form with you as their owner, and you are equally happy with their almost cat-like aloofness and independence, then the Akita is the perfect dog for you.

Quite often, Akita-owners stick with the breed for life. They cannot even imagine sharing their homes with another kind of dog, even though the majority of dog breeds are far easier to train and handle than the regal guardian from ancient Japan.

I think it is safe to say that Akitas simply cannot be compared to any other dog breed – they are definitely in a class of their own. Apparently, there is even historical evidence for their uniqueness – says the Japanese Akita Inu Club of the UK in the following quote: "The Akita is morphologically different from other dogs including native Japanese dogs (…), Laikas, and Samoyeds. One must assume this dog to be the one breed in existence before recorded history, rather than a product of subsequent human improvement."


If these 5 reasons why you should get an Akita resonate with you, then you should seriously consider bringing one of these glorious Japanese guardians into your home. Your patience, perseverance and diligence as a leader will be amply rewarded by the most devoted and loyal canine companion you could possibly imagine.

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