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Our first fact is that the Bernese Mountain Dog is a VERY heavy shedder. Although their coat is incredibly beautiful, they are very heavy shedders all year round. The Bernese’s coat is a double-layered coat consisting of a long outer coat and a wool-like undercoat. They are recognisably tri-coloured with the vast majority of their body being a black with rust and bright white markings on the chest, face, legs and tail. They shed particularly more in the spring and autumn, similar to other heavy shedding breeds like the Golden Retriever. Brushing your Berner several times in the week will aid in reducing the amount of hair you find around the house and on your clothes. Grooming your dog regularly will prevent the long coat becoming tangled with matts and will keep it clean from dirt. The second fact about the Berner is that they are prone to specific health conditions. Certain health conditions that this breed is more prone to include hip and elbow dysplasia, cancer, eye diseases, blood disorders, bone conditions and bloat. Being aware of this prior to getting a dog is significantly important since, as an owner, you need to be able to care for your dog in the way they require which could mean some large vet bills. It has been stated, according to surveys across Britain and North America that nearly half of all Bernese Mountain Dogs succumb to cancer. Reputable breeders will provide you proof of genetic testing and will be committed to breeding and producing healthy dogs. Our third fact about the incredible Berner is that there have been several heroic Berners in the world. Although no Berner has had its own TV series like say Lassie or Rin Tin Tin, the breed has most definitely been in the headlines for its heroic accomplishments. In 2013, Bella the Bernese Mountain Dog saved her owner in Canada from a burning house by pulling him out to safety. In 2015, a Berner named Nico saved two people who were being swept out into the ocean by a California rip current. Also, during the October 2017 Northern California wildfires, a Berner by the name of Izzy survived the destruction of her family’s home and actually emerged from the forest, tail wagging, as her family frantically searched for her. The fourth fact about this wonderful dog breed is that they are young at heart. Bernese Mountain Dogs have a puppy-like personality throughout the whole of their life. They love to play with their owners and being an intelligent breed doing mentally stimulating activities with them will seriously benefit your high energy dog. They are a very large breed, but that does not stop these affectionate dogs from wanting to be as close to you as they can – they thrive off their human companions’ affection and love. Their loyalty really makes them a great addition to the family and are incredibly gentle and caring when it comes to young children.  Now, our final fact about the Bernese Mountain Dog is that a one point in their history they actually almost went completely extinct. With industrialisation in the early 20th century taking over the jobs of these hardworking farm dogs due to more modern and expedient means of transportation for herding and transporting goods. However, not to worry, as enthusiasts of the breed kept breeding the dogs – their hardworking nature and use on the farms were not the only things that people desired this breed for – they are loyal and loving companions perfect in a family setting. Bernese Dogs, when trained properly and socialised from a young age, are very good family dogs; they are great with children and get along with the whole family in their friendly and loyal nature. They are large and strong-built dogs that require an owner who can handle their size and high energy well. The Bernese Mountain Dog is an extremely impressive breed with lots of amazing qualities.

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