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Perfect Puppy Course. Your step by step guide to raising a perfect canine companion and becoming a calm and consistent leader, to get it right first time round. 

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MASSACHUSETTS This crazy, lovable little dog has been named the state dog of Massachusetts. As their name suggests, they were created in Boston, in the late 1800s. They are truly an American breed as they are the product of an American bringing together a bulldog and a terrier. The first recognised ancestor of the Boston is known as Hooper’s Judge. Hooper was a bulldog/terrier cross, with a coat of dark brindle and a white blaze across his chest (which is an extremely recognisable trait seen still today!). He was then bred with a small, white female of an unknown breed, and the generations produced from this pairing gave us the Boston Terrier we know today. Carrying the genes away from the dog-fighting generations, what was created in its place was a disposition so fine and absent of violence that they were nicknamed ‘The American Gentleman’.  AGILE So, it may come as a surprise to know that Boston’s are remarkably agile! Pair their athleticism with a people-pleasing nature, and you’ve got yourself an agility champion on your hands! They are incredible at climbing, weaving between poles, navigating through tunnels as well as taking commands, all at the same time! If you have one of these charming little dogs, maybe try your hand at teaching them agility! Or even flyball if you have a Boston that has a particular affinity for tennis balls! Not only are they able to fly through an agility course carried on fast, strong legs, they have the mental compacity to handle complex instructions too! With a heightened intelligence, you’ll want to keep them mentally stimulated to prevent them from causing mischief that can stem from boredom.  FIGHTING DOGS Despite their affectionate nature and seemingly perfect personality for companionship, the Boston has roots in pit fighting and vermin killing. The Bulldog side of the ancestry was a strong, fierce dog used for both bull baiting and dog fighting. And the Terrier side was bred for killing vermin. Back when there was little entertainment for the lower class and rats would run amuck, there was a need for dogs of a fierce temperament. But the Boston terrier was created with companionship and a life in upstate New York in mind. They are a world away from their fighting forefathers.   5 COLOURS Contrary to the well-known black and white tuxedo style coat the Boston wears, this smart little dog can actually come in a variety of colours. Every breed has a standardised list of recognised colours. Any abnormal colours should not be allowed to become a common occurrence. This is because they can harbour genetic faults, which can sometimes mutate into harmful medical issues.  When buying a Boston, you want to choose a pup from the following colour combinations; Black and white, Brindle and white, Mahogany brindle and white, Seal and white or Seal brindle and white. These are all standard colours, meaning they are more then likely going to be from a healthy working stock. Keep in mind that their coat colour is something you may see a lot of around the house as they do shed a lot for such a small dog, just kkep that in mind if you have a favourite white rug! The colours to avoid are; blue, red, solid white or black. Blue eyes are also something to avoid, all of these have the potential to have some level of medical concern.  SENSITIVE  Owners find that Boston terriers are really sensitive animals; they’re very intuitive to their owner’s needs and moods. You might also find that most Boston terriers are one-owner pets. They tend to find a person to stick with, and they become very attached. If you are to buy one of these as a couple or a family, whilst they may pick their favourite, makes sure each person in the family spend equal time bonding with your Boston. This may curb any jealousy that can occur. They also take very well to the elderly, sometimes preferring the aged compared to younger human companions. With that said, Boston terriers are still very sociable animals; they’re fairly outgoing for the most part. Even when they’re being standoffish, they still act polite towards other people. Boston terriers will definitely be protective of you if you were their companion. They will even act as a watchdog whenever it’s necessary.

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