5 Reasons Why YOU SHOULD Get A Boston Terrier


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The Boston terrier is a newer breed that was developed just a little over a century ago. They were originally bred as small pit fighting dogs, but luckily this trend was already on a steep decline and the Boston terrier quickly became a favorite household pet. They have round wide-set eyes and erect years they also have a stunted those and draw which makes them brachycephalic. This means they can have some breathing problems and snore a bit, but most fans of this breed find their grunting and snoring to be part of their charm.


Diving into my first of five reasons why you should consider a Boston terrier is their energy level and space requirements. Being a smaller dog, usually topping out around 25 pounds, the Boston Terrier adapts easily to small homes or apartment living. They generally have a low energy level compared to other terriers and a calm temperament. They do have spurts of energy where their terrier nature comes out, but a few good walks and a bit of playtime each day will minimize these bursts and are easily managed.


One of my favorite traits in the Boston Terrier is their intelligence and how easy it is to train them. They pick up on house training and basic obedience fairly quickly and can also be taught some of the more showy or cute tricks with just a little bit of patience as well. They are Terriers so they do need consistent boundaries because they know they are cute and will try to push those boundaries if you let them. Overall the Boston Terrier is one of the easier the Terriers and small dogs to train and this is a great breed choice for first time owners.


They have a short coat that is usually sleek when fed a good diet and they shed minimally. A healthy weight for most of the Boston Terriers is going to be 25 pounds or under with a little bit of variation of course. You have to make sure not to give them too many treats or too much food because they are prone to being overweight and this exacerbates some complications that can arise from the breathing problems created by their stubbed noses. About the only grooming that the Boston Terrier needs on a regular basis would be to trim their nails if they aren't outside getting enough exercise to wear them down naturally. Overall, they are a very low maintenance breed.


The Boston Terrier is generally pretty calm, but they do have a very playful and puppy-like nature through most of their lives and this makes them great with children. They are known to be mischievous and full of antics so you'll have plenty of entertainment when you have a Boston terrier in your home. They can also make a decent watchdog and alert you if anything is amiss.


The breed is known to be very affectionate with its family and when socialized properly and they aren't overly wary or mistrusting of strangers. They can be taught to be independent with the right conditioning so they don't develop separation anxiety, but like most canines, they are happiest when their families are around. The Boston Terrier does well in many different types of households and tends to bond evenly with the whole family. They make wonderful companions for older people since they are so low maintenance, entertaining, and affectionate.


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