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HISTORY Their histories are quite similar, even though they were developed on opposite sides of the Atlantic. The Boston is an American breed but their ancestors included the ferocious Bulldog and terriers known for their ratting abilities in England as well. Boston’s were born out of the same necessity as modern English Bulldogs, and that is gamblers needed smaller dogs to use in pit-fighting when it was banned and became a back alley sport.  Both breeds were selectively bred down to smaller sizes just in time for even Blackmarket bloodsports to fall out of favor. Fanciers of both breeds refused to let the breeds fade into extinction though and they painstakingly bred the most docile members of each breed until the modern canines we know and love today were some of the most gentle companions in the world.  APPEARANCE Thanks to their common roles and ancestry, both the Boston and the Bulldog have some appearance similarties, like their short snouts making them both brachycephillic. But not many other common traitss exist when you really look closely at each of them. The Boston, is a solid little canine usually weighting between 15-25 pounds and has tuxedo like markings that vary in darkness along their short sleek coats. They have large erect ears and their big round eyes are set wide with a soft and mischevious gaze. The Bulldog takes soild build to a whole new level. Their front legs are set wide and their whole body is thick with muscle and loose skin. They weigh an average 40-50 pounds and are only 12-15 inches tall. They have deep wrinkles on their face and chest short sleek coats coming in a vaiety of colors except grey, black, or merle. Their wrinkles also make them more joule-y and they are prone to drooling after drinking. You’ll find both breeds are prone to snorting, grunting, snoring, and gas but it’s more noticeable in the bigger Bulldog. Both are quite adorable with their loving and soft expressions. TEMPERAMENT/TRANIABILITY/ENERGY Both Bostons and Bulldogs are calm and quiet breeds today that need minimal exercise to keep them fit and trim. Both will learn basic obedience with relative ease as long as training sessions are kept short and fun with tasty rewards. They’re both prone to stubbornness but the Boston is generally willing to advance to a higher level of training the Bulldog but even they can be taught complex things like skateboarding. The Boston is very playful and full of clownish antics that brighten their family’s day while also being extremely affectionate, preferring to be on or right next to their people. They don’t do well alone and can have separation anxiety, so they are ideal for homes that are able to be home most of the day. The Bulldog can be goofy at times but their energy runs out quickly and they much prefer a short walk or play session over vigorous exercise once they’ve matured. They are also known to be extreme chewers throughout their lives while making a competitive sport out of napping all day. SOCIAL NEEDS - OTHER CHILDREN/SMALL ANIMALS Both breeds are very similar when it comes to how they handle small children, strangers, and small animals. That is to say, they are both excellent with children and generally friendly towards strangers and small animals when they have been well socialized from an early age. They can each be slightly protective or territorial of their family or favorite person so it’s a trait to be on the lookout for and redirect early on. The higher energy of the Boston, and diluted terrier blood in their lineage still comes out every now and then so its best to keep an eye on them with smaller animals. The Bulldog is generally not interested in running after small creatures once they’ve matured but you’ll still want to be watchful as they can be a bit territorial.  Socialization is key with any breed, but especially those that have aggressive ancestors, even though the ferocity has been almost completely bred out of both breeds at this point. This goes for strangers and small animals and even other children though both breeds are known for being very good with even unfamiliar children. WRAP UP Both of these loveable canines are amazing choices for most homes, including those with children or those with more inactive adults. The Bulldog is content to watch the world go by from a comfy spot right next to its people but will fearlessly charge at an intruder if their family is threatened. The sweet Boston loves to cuddle on the couch as much as they love to play and entertain their people and are easier to travel with because of their small, and more agile size.

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