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The Boston terrier is a small, yet active and fun dog to be around. How does it compare to the even smaller, curious and humorous Pug?

Both breeds are small, but the Boston terrier does beat the Pug in height, being 15 – 17 inches tall against the Pug’s 10 – 13 inches above ground. The Boston terrier can weigh somewhere between 12 – 25 pounds, while the Pug stays somewhere between 14 – 18 pounds.

For the untrained eye, these two breeds do look quite similar. They both have rather square body types, they both have flat faces, and are just equally cute.

Among the differences in exterior are the length of their legs. The Boston terrier has long legs compared to the rest of its body, while the Pug has legs more proportional to his body. Due to the length of the Boston terriers’ legs, it’s easy to see him as the thinner of the two breeds. The Pug appears more compact and robust. The Pug has plenty of wrinkles on his face, while the Boston terrier’s skin lies flat over the skull. The Boston terrier also has what is referred to as bat ears; they are erect and easy to read for other dogs, while the Pug’s ears are small and floppy. Tail-wise, the Boston terrier is born with no tail, while the Pug has a tail that’s curled onto its back.

None of these dogs shed very much, but to keep their coat in good condition it is recommended that you brush him weekly to get rid of excessive hair and keep him shiny and beautiful. Keep nails trimmed and check ears and teeth regularly as well.


Both breeds are among the flat-faced dogs, and with it comes some health issues connected to physical space inside their heads, and with breathing. With such flat faces, everything that fits in a normal-sized head on a dog needs to fit into their smaller heads. This does affect their breathing negatively, especially if their nostrils are tight and narrow. Because of this, you should make sure not to over-exercise your Boston terrier or Pug on a hot or overly humid day. In general, they don’t do well in hot or humid weather, so please be cautious about this.

Other than that, both breeds are prone to various eye conditions, like corneal ulceris, dry eyes, cataracts and glaucoma. Boston terriers can sometimes suffer from deafness and patellar luxuation as well.

Please be aware that both breeds easily get obese, depending on how you feed them. Please consult your vet on how best to feed your Boston terrier or Pug to avoid obesity, and to give them the best conditions. Doing so, you’re ensuring your dog gets a long and healthy life, and you may be one of the lucky ones to enjoy his company for at least 11 – 15 years.


Both these breeds are a lot of fun to be around. The Boston terrier may have a higher energy than the Pug, and therefore require slightly more exercise. That being said; both breeds were created for company rather than anything else, and they don’t mind living either on the countryside or in the city. Especially, since none of them are known for excessive barking, which is very good if you live in an apartment. The Pug, compared to the Boston, can sometimes be a couch potato. You need to watch out for that, especially if your Pug loves his food a bit more than he should. They do tend to be obese if one’s not careful, and obesity is not good for any dog. Please consult your vet to find a good way to keep your dog fit.

Both breeds are what may be considered softer in mentality. Being harsh to them doesn’t make them stronger; on the contrary. Therefore, using positive enforcement, lots of praise – and sometimes food in their training is very important. Leadership is important to any dog, but please make sure you adapt your leadership to your dog’s mentality and ability to handle too strong a personality in his leader.

If you have children or other dogs, both the Boston terrier and the Pug will work well with them, but even better with supervision. It is strongly advised you teach your children how to properly handle dogs, especially smaller dogs, to prevent damage on your dog, especially his eyes.


Like I said earlier; both these breeds are quite soft and sensitive, so when training them please be sure to use soft and positive methods rather than harsher ones. When you need to correct your dog, make sure to do it gently and then praise them to let them know they did good.

As with any other breed, early socialization and training is of outmost important. Make sure your goal is a well-balanced dog who can deal with as many situations, people and environments as possible – that’s when you get to have the well-mannered dog we all dream of having.

The Pug more than the Boston terrier is a people-person and wants to be with his family. Make sure you have time for your dog and that he doesn’t have to be alone more than absolutely necessary.


Two breeds that in many ways are very much alike; that’s the Boston terrier and the Pug, for you. It’s impossible to say that one is better than the other; it’s all a matter of taste and preferences. No matter which breed you choose, please make sure you choose a breeder who is careful when it comes to testing future parent dogs for health and mentality. This is not only for their own reputation and political correctness, but also as an insurance for you and the future health of your dog. The more care the breeders take in choosing animals to breed, the safer your future finances are for unexpected health issues in your dog.


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