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Perfect Puppy Course. Your step by step guide to raising a perfect canine companion and becoming a calm and consistent leader, to get it right first time round. 

Canine Boot Camp. Your one month program to becoming a high level canine leader, restructuring your relationship with your dog and addressing problem behaviours.

HISTORY Getting right to it, it’s always important to know what a breed was meant to do and what kind of stock they were developed from so we can get a better understanding of why they are they way they are today. The Boston was developed from pit-fighting dogs bred in England near the end of the bloodsports popularity and the widely accepted founder of the breed was a stocky dog named Judge. He was brought from Europe to Boston, Massachusets after being sold to an American, and the ferociousness needed to excel in pit-fighting was quickly bred out of line. Today this stocky little canine is all cuddles and playful antics that provide excellent companionship and emotional support to even first-time canine leaders. OTHER CHILDREN When it comes to children, everyone wants a dog that will be accepting of sticky fingers and the chaos of playtime. The affectionate Boston, nicknamed the American Gentleman, is just that; a gentleman. This playful canine is superb with children of all ages and will entertain them with their silly antics before settling in for a good nap right alongside the child.  Boston’s bond evenly with the whole family but will be especially fond of whoever plays or snuggles with them the most and this can often be the children in the home. They may be slightly possessive of their favorite person if the behavior isn’t corrected right away but they’ll quickly accept other children and want to be part of the games.  Their clownish antics usually delight children and their intelligence makes them easy to train by children so they can be part of the fun without getting underfoot. The low reactivity and guarding instincts of Boston’s also keep them from getting too rough or overly excited when they meet a new child, even if the child is nervous around dogs. The breed excels at making them comfortable with their low energy and soft personality.   OTHER PETS/SMALL ANIMALS The mild-mannered little Boston Terrier even does well with small animals despite what the Terrier part of its name might suggest. They aren’t considered a Terrier anymore by most standards but like all canines, have a prey drive with an instinct to chase smaller animals that suddenly move away. You’ll want to supervise them closely when they are young and get a feel for how they react to the movements of other small animals.  Chances are if you’re dealing with a cat, for example, that will stand up for herself without being a bully, the Boston will play rather than chase her. Smaller animals like rats, ferrets, or hamsters, won’t fair so well but that’s true with almost every canine. In general, the Boston does well with other animals, including strange ones, when they are properly socialized and see you as their leader in every situation. WRAP UP When it comes to other children and small animals, the Boston does a wonderful job living up to his nickname of the American Gentleman. Of course, a lot of socialization early on and throughout their lives is critical. The Boston is incredibly friendly and loves to play with anyone or anything so they make a great choice for everyone from young families to grandparents. 

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