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History Comparison Two breeds that look so much alike, how can they have such different origins? Let’s take a look and find out, shall we? The Boxer has German heritage. His origin goes way back to the Assyrian empire, as far as 2, 500 years in time. Much water has passed under the bridges since then, and the Boxer as we know him today, can be dated far later. He is thought to be the descendent of a larger, heavier German breed referred to as the Bullenbeisser (“bull biter”), in the late 18th and early 20th century.  The Bullenbeisser was Germany’s big-game hunter, used by noble-men to hunt and catch impressive prey like bear, bison and wild boar. Unfortunately, by the end the noble men went out of favour, and the tradition of boar hunts ended. By 1865, the Bullenbeisser no longer had a job.  It was a good thing that the Bullenbeiser regained new life through crossbreeding with a smaller, mastiff-type breed from England. Seeing the birth of a new century, the Boxer, a new, slenderer and more elegant dog, came into focus.  The American Bulldog is a completely different story. He is a direct descendent of the English Bulldog, but as the name suggests, quite the journey was done with both looks, temperament and his job. It is believed that the English Bulldog was brought to America in the 17th century by immigrants who used them as all-around dogs, mainly focusing on various farm tasks. They were especially known for their ability to hunt down feral pigs, but also guarded and protected their human families and their farms.  This beautiful breed almost went extinct during WWI and WWII, but were brought back by two amazing men: John D. Johnson and Alan Scott.  Looks comparison Looking at these two strong, muscular breeds, their greatest difference is their ears. The Boxer has large, erect ears where the American Bulldog has floppy ears. Other than that, a quick glance could let you almost mistake one breed for the other. They are almost exactly the same height, give or take an inch or so around 20 – 25 inches, but the weight differs where the American Bulldog wins the contest with his up to 100 pounds compared to the Boxer’s up to 80 pounds. Both breeds are quite square – the Boxer more so than the American Bulldog, whose back is slightly too long to give that square impression. The Boxer has an extremely proud position by how he holds his head, where the American Bulldog gives a slightly more relaxed impression through his back and neck.  But make no mistake; both these breeds are strong and athletic, and it shows. Their coat is laying flat on strongly muscled bones, lending an impressive stature and will very likely keep unwanted strangers on a distance just by their appearance. This can come in quite handy on late night walks, no matter where you are.  Another difference between these two impressive breeds are the shape of their heads. The Boxer has a quite square shaped head with a flat face, which does affect his ability to handle heat – please take care not to force your Boxer to spending too much time in hot and humid temperatures.  The American Bulldog, on the other hand, has a more rectangular shaped head, and his nose is more suited to a better breathing which is essential for so many body functions.  Trainability Comparison An American Bully needs to be socialized and introduced to training at a very early age. Given his background as a farm dog with guarding and protecting on his job description, it is essential he learns to accept other people, other animals and other environments than his home, to become that amazing canine companion you’re looking for. Like many other breeds with similar jobs (herding dogs, guarding dogs et cetera), the American Bulldog needs a firm but kind and fair human to give him direction through his life.  Given he gets all that, you’ll end up with a best friend who will amuse you with his clown-like behaviour when he’s happy and excited. The Boxer is another fun breed to be around. With this breed, however, you may need some creativity to get around their boredom with repetitive training. They are also amazing at problem solving all by themselves, and have a mind that let them come up with all sorts of mischief. They are also an active, athletic breed and without exercise, they can become destructive. Please also remember to keep your Boxer on a lead, because of their history as big-game hunters, they tend to practice that selective hearing we all know and hate, where they forget you exist and decide to follow that super exciting trail of… whatever is out there.  Temperament comparison None of these breeds may be the perfect choice for a family with small children. Not because they are dangerous, but because of their size, their strength and their behaviour when happy and/or excited. There are stories of homes being destroyed at the arrival of a loved one, so just imagine what a wagging Boxer tail could do to a smaller child.  That being said; both these breeds can be amazing family dogs as long as the kids are a bit older and know how to handle that large, super happy dog. Whoever decides to get one of these breeds needs to be prepared for a lot of physical activity, and to entertain the dog with mental stimulation more than less of the time.  Now, while these dogs may seem like the superdogs of dogs, part of them are quite soft and tender. They need their people, and want to spend as much time with them as possible. Therefore, you shouldn’t leave your Boxer or American Bulldog in the yard – instead, let them stay with the rest of the family inside the house. And make sure you socialize both these breeds real good while they are puppies. It can be hard work, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Especially the Boxer can show signs of aggressions towards his own sex, so please take care that he doesn’t get a chance to really get angry. 

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