How To Groom Your BOXER DOG


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COAT The Boxer has a short sleek coat that sheds minimally throughout the year, but you'll still want to brush them regularly. Brushing a short coat helps remove and loosen the dander and bits of debris that can get stuck just under their fur, and it also brings their natural oils through. These oils make them softer, and their coat shine with a healthy glow plus brushing allows you to look for any injuries or potential issues. You'll always want to brush them in a front to back and top to bottom pattern and be mindful of bony areas along their legs. You can use a few different types of brushes, depending on what your Boxer likes best. Since their coats are thin, some Boxer's may prefer a soft bristle brush or even a cloth, while others might prefer the scratch of a stiff curry comb or tool like the SleekEZ. Go with whatever your Boxer chooses. Grooming should be an enjoyable bonding ritual for both of you, not a chore. Of course, you'll need to bathe them now and then as well, just like any dog. Make sure you use a shampoo and conditioner formulated for the pH balance dogs need since it's different than what we humans need. Like you do when brushing, wash and rinse in a front to back and top to bottom pattern, and using a wet rag on their face. And be careful not to get water in their ears. You'll want to make sure you dry their joules and head thoroughly where they have some wrinkles that could hold moisture. OTHER GROOMING NEEDS Depending on the activity level of your Boxer, you may not have to trim their nails often, but it might be needed more often as they get older and don't wear them down naturally. Do both of you a favor and get them used to the vibration of a nail grinding tool early on in their life, though.  When grooming your Boxer, you'll want to pay extra attention to their ears and joules. Check their ears for any irritations or dirt but don't use q-tips or anything hard to clean them. You can use a special ear cleaning solution but make sure to go back with a dry cotton ball or rag to make sure no moisture is left behind that could cause an issue.  Check their joules and under their chin for any bumps or irritations and give their face a gentle rub with a damp towel. They are known to be droolers, and that, combined with their generally sensitive skin, can cause issues. They can be prone to small pimple-like bumps if they are sloppy eaters or drinkers, so wiping their face down each day is a great way to prevent these little bumps. Other than a few essential tools, and maybe a couple of coats for the colder months, you won't need to invest in many products to keep your Boxer looking their best all year long. TOOLS You'll want to keep your Boxer's preferred brush on hand for weekly grooming sessions, so find out what they choose to make it a routine they look forward to after a good play session.  Investing in a quality nail grinder, like the cordless pet nail trimmer from Dremel, is a must and something you have to get them used to in a positive way as early as possible. Their nails can be quite thick, so don't use the grinder too long on one nail. Instead, spend just a few seconds on each and then start over again. Many canine owners find it useful to have an absorbent towel handy during the wetter and colder months to dry their paws when coming back inside and a box of baby wipes for those muddy days. WRAP UP You'll find the Boxer a very low grooming maintenance breed that only requires a bit of time and money to keep groomed and clean. They are easily trained to stand still and, of course, love the attention they get while being groomed. A well-groomed Boxer is a healthy companion that will turn heads anywhere they go.

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