BRITTANY! 5 Incredible Facts About The BRITTANY

BRITTANY! 5 Incredible Facts About The BRITTANY


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Fact 1 The Brittany was originally bred in the far west of France, They were bred as gun dogs to hunt birds    such as woodcocks, ducks, pheasants and partridge.  They are very sweet and loving in nature despite their hunting ancestry. They are very gentle with children and love being around their owners 24/7 however with the right training they can be left alone for short periods of time but they should never be left alone all day.  Fact 2 Brittany’s have extremely thick eyebrows to protect their eyes when rummaging around in prickly bushes. Their skull is developed around there eyes so that their lower eyelids don’t droop and cause a pouch for dirt to get inside. This makes them incredible and efficient hunting dogs. This is probably why they are the popular choice of dog for poachers.  Fact 3 Did you know that Brittanys are available in 11 different colours but only 7 are recognised by the UK and American Kennel Club. The 7 accepted colours are mostly white with orange, white and liver, Orange roan, liver white and orange, mostly Orange with white, liver roan and mostly liver and white. The other 4 colours are not widely accepted and can be a sign of bad breeding, these colours include black and white, white black and orange, blue roan and mostly black with touches of white and orange.  Fact 4  Brittany’s make excellent family companions as they are easy to train, this is because they are eager to please their owners. They can be trained in many different areas such as hunting and tracking small animals, they can be trained as watch dogs and they can also excel in agility training. Brittany's are also very good at dog sports such as obedience and field trials It is important to keep your Brittany exercised as they they become bored they can start to do unwanted behaviours such as chewing, barking and they may even develop separation anxiety. When training your Brittany you should know that they are sensitive souls who do not respond well to stress and shouting, positive re-enforcement techniques like food rewards, play and praise is the best way to get the most out of your Brittany.  Fact 5 Finally lets touch upon the Brittany’s high energy levels. the Brittany's are very energetic dogs and require at least an hour of vigorous exercise everyday. This can including going on hikes with you, running along side a bike, or swimming. They love being outdoors doing any form of exercise with you, but it is also a good idea to invest in some puzzle games for them to do throughout the day to help burn off some energy and to them entertained. Some good ideas to keep your Brittany entertained include filling a Kong with their food and freeing it for an hour so they have to work the Kong to get their food out, treat dispensing balls, hide and slide puzzles, snuffle mats or games of hide and seek with your Brittany's favourite toy or high value treats.  Wrap up Overall this breed is an excellent choice if you are a highly active family, who want company on your outdoor adventures. They require lots of activity and attention therefore need company throughout the day, so are not best suited if you work long hours in the office and don't have others at home. 

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