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If you like laughing, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re going to do a deepdive into the temperament and mentality of the gorgeous Bull Terrier.  The Bull Terrier is sometimes referred to as the clown of the canine world. They love to have fun, and make sure they do. In fact, they love it so much that they very easily can make the decision they won’t be trained unless it’s – fun! So if you want your Bull Terrier to excel in obedience or any other canine sport, you better be creative and imaginative in your training techniques.  Now, the Bull Terrier is a mix between a Bull type dog, and terrier dogs. This provides a courageous and strong-willed dog. For him to function well in society, he needs a leader who can provide him with a clear and consistent framework for how life should look like. He’ll be the happiest with those boundaries, lest you’re ok with a dog who takes the lead in what he thinks is the best way of living. Given he’s a dog and you’re a human, his way of life may not at all coincide with what you think, so you better be that calm, consistent leader we speak so much about here on Fenrir Canine Leaders.  So, not only is he a clown, courageous and strong-willed. He’s also stubborn. Once he gets an idea on his mind, he’s going to stick to it unless you can convince him otherwise. This is one of the times where that calm, consistent leadership comes very handy. You need to be able to show him that you’re making the decisions, and once made, that goes.  Is this it, then? Is this what you’ll get if you decide on the Bull Terrier? No, there’s more to him than all these traits.  The Bull Terrier is a very loving dog who’s very devoted to his family. He’s calm and patient, kind and friendly, social, he has an even and stable psyche, he loves to learn and does it quickly, he’s intense and can be quite brusque in play. For that brusque-ness, it may be wise that any children are slightly older, since a Bull Terrier at full speed is more of a canon ball than anything else.  What really makes the Bull Terrier special is his ability to expect the best out of life. He’ll just take for granted that people are friendly, and he’ll be friendly back. If someone by chance would happen to be unfriendly, he’ll just think he heard wrong and be friendly anyway.  The downside with having one of these amazing dogs, is what is sometimes called their “mania”. For people who are less used to dogs, some of these things can be considered cute, but are actually not good for your dog (no matter which breed, but the Bull Terriers are experts at this). A good example of “cute” things is your dog chasing his tail. While this might look cute and funny, you shouldn’t allow your dog to continue, because it can become an obsession and he won’t be able to stop. This can create serious problems over time, and you’ll want to avoid that.  Other things to avoid is your Bull Terrier biting. While he may not be the largest dog around, he still has a strong bite – and considering he’s got both Bull and various terriers in him, he won’t know how strong his bite is, nor when to stop. So best is not to allow him to bite in the first place, not even as a pup.  Another thing that makes these dogs the clown in the classroom, is their inability to care for things that stand in their way. It may look amusing, but when your Bull Terrier’s destroyed your house a couple of times during his running drives through the house, where he much rather go through the furniture than around it, you may not find it as fun. Or perhaps you do – even if it may be annoying, it still actually does look very fun – and he has fun, there’s no question about it. As you see, the Bull Terrier is one kind of a dog. He’s not for everyone, that’s for sure. But if you want a lapdog with a huge sense of humour, a strong will and a stubborn mind, a dog that’ll love you and your family to death, who’ll bark only when something strange is up, then this may be the breed for you.  You’ll have the time of your life with one of these dogs. But make sure to insure your house, your children, any other pets, your car, your garden, anything that can break – you’ll need it. And make sure you know how to be that calm, consistent leader so you can guide your Bull Terrier through life.  Do all that, and you’ll have the best friend you could ever imagine. 

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