How To Groom Your BULL TERRIER


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THE BULLTERRIER COAT AND GROOMING You’re one lucky bastard if you’ve chosen the Bull terrier. He is extremely easy to care for when it comes to grooming. With his short, shiny coat – there’s not really anything you need to do with it, save the occasional brush just because it’s nice (and perhaps to remove any dirt) and cozy. A coat like his doesn’t grow in the sense he needs to be trimmed. He’s not even the breed requiring regular baths, unless he’s really filthy. If he’s been rolling around in horse poop, you may want to give him a shower, but in general, you don’t really need to do anything.  NAILS, EARS AND TEETH The nails, ears and teeth is another story. Let’s start with the nails. Every dog needs to have his nails trimmed every once in a while. Opinions on how often vary, but you should do this at least once a month, even better, once every two weeks. Letting them grow too long is harmful to your dog and can affect the way he moves which in turn can cause serious damage on his joints. So – trimming his nails really is essential for his well-being. Now, you can either do this yourself, or you can go to a vet and have it done. having a vet do it for you will cost money, so I highly recommend you learn to do it yourself. And really, it’s not that difficult. Get yourself a clipper, put your dog in a position where both he and you are comfortable, make it a nice time for you and him together, and cut carefully around the tip of each nail. If you don’t know how to do it, ask your vet or perhaps someone at a petshop, to show you. It’s not difficult at all (although your dog may think so the first few times before he realizes it has to be done ).  A Bullterrier’s ears are erect, which makes it much easier to take care of them. You need to check them regularly to see if there’s wax or any other goo in there that needs to come out. You can easily use a cotton pad and some gentle ear rinse to clean his ears.  The concept of brushing your dog’s teeth – let’s just say, opinions differ on this matter. Some say it’s unnecessary, while others mean it’s crucial for his oral health. And surely, most dogs develop tartar throughout their life, and if he’s unlucky, there might be infections or tooth decay that needs to be dealt with. So, surely, there is a point with brushing his teeth. If you are unsure on how it’s done, or what to use, please take the time to ask at a petstore. They’ll help you find what you need and can instruct you in how to use it. 

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