5 Reasons Why YOU SHOULD GET A Bullmastiff


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If you are looking for a fiercely loyal and naturally protective dog, then the Bullmastiff is well worth considering: Contrary to various other guard dog breeds, the Bullmastiff does not require any specific training to excel in its role.

In fact, protecting their territory is very deeply ingrained in this relatively modern breed. The Bullmastiff originated in mid-19th century England, where they were developed by gamekeepers. These gamekeepers needed a fierce guardian dog that would protect the animals in their charge and keep poachers away – preferably, without killing them on the spot.

The dog they required needed to be both quiet and fearless. It had to be quick enough to track and apprehend the poachers and powerful enough to hold them - until the gamekeepers could catch up. To that end, these initial breeders crossed the Old English Bulldog with the English Mastiff. Hence the name Bullmastiff. In doing so, they combined the bulk and strength of the Mastiff with the Bulldog’s ferocity.

Quite obviously, the efforts of the English gamekeepers were successful: Thanks to their initiative, today’s Bullmastiffs are genetically predisposed to track down and apprehend intruders on their property. But – unlike catch dogs like the Presa Canario – they will usually not charge forth and outright bite the person. Which, of course, is a fantastic feature in these bulky giants. This feature makes the breed one of the best natural guard dogs on the planet.

So, if you are interested in bringing a formidable guardian into your home who will stop at nothing to protect your property and yourself – then, you definitely should get a Bullmastiff!

4: Bullmastiffs are perfect family dogs

This brings us to reason number 4 why the Bullmastiff might well be the perfect canine companion for you: These gentle giants are not only natural protectors, but they absolutely adore children, and their patience with them is nearly endless.

This trait seems to run in the breed and often surprises owners who have recently become parents: Instead of reacting with jealousy or even aggression to the advent of a newborn child, they tend to embrace their new responsibility wholeheartedly. (The Bullmastiff takes its job as guardian of your house and everyone in it extremely seriously. Therefore, to them, any new family member automatically becomes their charge.)

In case you are out working all day and you want a reliable dog to protect your family whilst you are away – then the Bullmastiff is a perfect choice. The Bullmastiff – albeit not the easiest-to-train dog breed in existence – can be trained to accompany your family on walks throughout the day. Without pulling on the leash or being reactive to the presence of other people or dogs.

This feature is especially fortuitous should you live in a neighbourhood prone to burglaries or robberies. Your Bullmastiff can easily be the most perfect “bodyguard” for your wife and children you can imagine.

3: Bullmastiffs are extremely easy to live with

What we just said brings us straight into the next reason why you should get a Bullmastiff: They are usually very docile, calm and laid-back, both on walks and in the home. If you are looking for a large guard dog to accompany you on leisurely strolls and to hang out on the couch with you, then the Bullmastiff is a good choice.

They are neither high-energy dogs nor are they prone to excessive chewing, which makes them a pleasure to live with: Provided you take them out for a few nice walks a day and give them some playtime, they will be more than happy to relax on a comfortably sleeping spot in your home. Their short coats do not shed much and require only minimal grooming.

Another reason why Bullmastiffs are such a pleasure to have around is that – when well-socialised and educated in basic manners – they usually gracefully accept visitors to your home and abstain from aggressive behaviour towards them. Your Bullmastiff will most likely be quite content to sit back, chill out and observe you and your visitors from its crate or dog-bed.

2: Bullmastiffs are great service dogs

It is precisely their calm and gentle nature that makes Bullmastiff perfect service dogs. They are very apt in assisting people with conditions such as seizures, visual or hearing impairments, PTSD, depression, psychiatric issues as well as OCD and anxiety.

Even outside of official service dog roles, Bullmastiffs are excellent emotional support dogs – for example for people who are feeling lonely and isolated:

Having any dog to look after gives structure and purpose to these owners – and having to leave the house 3 times a day to walk the dog brings them in contact with other dog owners. This alone can do wonders for their mental health. Add to that the profound affection a Bullmastiff shows towards their owner, and you have the best possible emotional support dog you could imagine.

1: Bullmastiffs are decent apartment dogs

Because they are such gentle giants, Bullmastiffs can do very well in apartments. They do not require lots of exercise and mental stimulation, and are usually very quiet – unless, of course, they hear any suspicious activity going on outside your front door. This is why they are sometimes called “the silent watchdog”.

As long as they are provided with their daily outings and have enough space to comfortably walk around in, they are quite content to spend the majority of their time indoors. And even though you should not leave them alone all day long as a matter of course, Bullmastiffs can be trained to handle your absence rather well: Unlike many other dog breeds, they usually do not suffer from separation anxiety.

So, if you live in an apartment and you would love to share your life with a Bullmastiff – go for it!

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