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Perfect Puppy Course. Your step by step guide to raising a perfect canine companion and becoming a calm and consistent leader, to get it right first time round. 

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Your Bullmastiff Puppy – Upfront Costs A healthy Bullmastiff puppy from an expert breeder is not cheap, and neither should it be: Breeding those massive dogs is a lot of work, and you are well advised to exercise caution whenever you see “cheap” puppies on offer: You do not want to accidentally support someone breeding irresponsibly. Then, there is the cost for all the vaccinations and additional vet consultations that your puppy may need. To make sure that everything is set and ready before your bring your dog home, you want to puppy-proof your home. And you want to set up everything your little Bullmastiff will require, like a large enough crate, a comfortable dog bed, bowls for food and water as well as puppy toys.  When it comes to extra-secure collars and leashes, we have developed an entire product range of virtually indestructible training aids for puppies and adult dogs. Which make a lot of sense to get for a Bullmastiff, who is one of THE most powerful guard dog breeds in the world. One thing is for certain: With our Odin Leashes and Odin Collars, you will never again have to worry about your dog breaking loose on a walk. Conventional leashes and collars can and do snap, which can easily put your dog in harm’s way, for example if it chases a cat across a busy road. If you are interested in the Perfect Puppy Course, or in our range of extra secure collars and leashes, go to – or simply click the link in the description box below. So, let’s list everything we have mentioned so far, and let’s see how high the approximate costs for getting a young Bullmastiff really are: - Well-bred Bullmastiff puppy: between $2,000 and $2,900  - Core vaccinations for the puppy: between $75 and $100 - General Vet Consultation: approximately $100 - Crate for large dogs: approximately $250 - large dog bowls and brushes: approximately $50 -- High quality Collars and Leashes: approximately $150 - Perfect Puppy Course: $99 - Puppy toys: approximately $100 So, if we are adding up all those costs, we reach a total of initial costs of between approximately $2,820 and $3,750 Next, let’s look at the budget needed to maintain a Bullmastiff, and for this purpose, we will list all costs broken down by month. Ongoing Costs when Owning a Bullmastiff People always underestimate how expensive owning a dog really is. As we saw, the initial investment is already quite substantial, but make no mistake: This is only the beginning. The much higher costs come later, in the day-to-day feeding and caring for your large puppy, who will become a fully-grown Mastiff before long. Adult male Bullmastiffs can easily weigh 54 kilos, which is roughly 120 pounds. Especially vet bills are something to watch out for, as they can easily go into the thousands if your dog needs to have surgery, expensive medication or, God forbid, cancer therapy. If you do not have pet insurance, you might find yourself in the horrible situation of having to have your beloved Bullmastiff put down – simply because you cannot afford treatment.  Also, if you want to save money on the feeding front and you go for a low-quality kibble from the supermarket, you might set your dog up to become seriously ill and potentially even die prematurely: Bullmastiffs are a very sensitive breed when it comes to health. Which is why we at Fenrir encourage owners to feed their Bullmastiff a healthy, well-balanced raw diet. If this interests you, but you find all the contradictory information on the net a bit confusing, then make sure to check out our Raw Food Masterclass. You can find this user-friendly manual on or you can simply click the link in the description box below.  To give you a better overview of the feeding costs for the Bullmastiff, we will compare the cost for raw feeding with the cost of a high-quality grain-free kibble. Also, we will list expenses that you are likely to encounter when owning a Bullmastiff. In terms of maintenance cost for a huge dog like the Bullmastiff, we have listed the costs for: Raw Food per month: between $300 and $400 Grain free dry food per month: between $150 and $200 Larger collars or harnesses as your puppy grows, broken down per month: approximately $20 Costs for pet insurance or Vet bills per month: approximately $120 Toys for heavy chewers per month: approximately $10 Doggie Day Care or Dog Walkers per month: between $100 and $500 Boarding for vacations, broken down per month: approximately $40 Adding up all those costs, we reach a total of monthly maintenance costs for a Bullmastiff of between $440 on the low end and $1,090 on the high end.  As we can see, owning a Bullmastiff and providing such a large dog with everything it needs for a long, healthy and happy life is not cheap. Therefore, before getting one of these gentle giants, make sure that you are in a financial position to comfortably afford the dog. If you are not, then build up your financial basis first – rather than getting a Bullmastiff puppy and hoping that it all will somehow work out: Take it from me, you do not want to gamble with your Bullmastiff’s health.

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