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Perfect Puppy Course. Your step by step guide to raising a perfect canine companion and becoming a calm and consistent leader, to get it right first time round. 

Canine Boot Camp. Your one month program to becoming a high level canine leader, restructuring your relationship with your dog and addressing problem behaviours.

ENERGY When most people think of a large breed dog that is built as solidly as the Bull Mastiff and is part of the Mastiff family, many people assume they laze around the house and only move for food or when something exciting is happening. And that’s pretty much the plain truth of this breed.  In general, they have a fairly low energy level but they are always watching and listening for something amiss. You may have some individuals that are higher or lower energy than others, but in general, Bull Mastiffs have a low energy level that borders on moderate at best.  When you're thinking about ways to burn off their energy, be mindful of their joints throughout their whole life, so it's often better to opt for longer and more frequent walks over runs. You should plan to go for a long, brisk walk at least twice a day with your Bull Mastiff and some playtime but they’ll quickly return to their favourite comfy spot if they’re bored. TRAINABILITY/INTELLIGENCE The Bull Mastiff is a very intelligent breed that is capable of rising to high-level obedience or agility training but most individuals would rather not. They can be stubborn at times no matter what level of training you take them to, but regularly working on their obedience will exercise their big brains wonderfully. It's actually a cuticle part of having a Bull Mastiff because they are so powerful and have deeply rooted protection instincts that they see you as their calm, consistent canine leader.  While they don’t require tons of time and energy on your part to exercise mentally or physically, they still need both in order to bond with you and prevent destructive habits. They’ll need a lot more regular exercise the first few years of their life as they grown, but remember that exercising their brain and body often happens at the same time. For example, every time you take them on a walk, don't just walk the neighborhood for an 20 minutes. Incorporate sit, stay, down commands along the way and double back on your path or run every so often to refine their heeling.  I go over all of this more in-depth in my Boot Camp course, and it's great for adult dogs. If you're just starting out with your Bull Mastiff puppy, though, check out the Perfect Puppy course that builds a rock-solid foundation for their lifetime training. PLAYTIME Bull Mastiffs are natural guardians, which means they are wherever you are. Don't expect them to work off all their energy in the backyard while you watch TV, especially if they are the only canine in the home. They'll happily play with other dogs of all sizes, but it's best if you supervise because of their size.  Playing with other dogs only works off so much of their mental energy, though, and they need structured playtime with you as their canine leader. Most Bull Mastiffs will to roll around and wrestle, and a few might prefer to sprint after a large ball with you. They can be taught to fetch easily, but it's not a game that comes as naturally to them as it does to other breeds and they’ll lose interest quickly. Your Bull Mastiff will always be happiest when they are making you happy and getting quality time with their whole family so they can be easily exercised in the home during bad weather.

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