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Perfect Puppy Course. Your step by step guide to raising a perfect canine companion and becoming a calm and consistent leader, to get it right first time round. 

Canine Boot Camp. Your one month program to becoming a high level canine leader, restructuring your relationship with your dog and addressing problem behaviours.

Number 5 – Keeping your Possessions safe Having a dog comes with a lot of responsibility, and providing them with a daily dose of exercise just is part of the package: Especially if you have a large and highly energetic dog, you will need to step up the game and provide safe ways for them to release their pent-up energy. And I say, “safe ways”, because dogs are very intelligent and absolutely WILL find ways to vent their surplus energy. And believe me when I say: There is nothing worse than coming home from errands and finding your trash scattered across the floor, your kitchen cabinets permanently maimed or your favourite pair of shoes bitten to pieces. I speak from bitter experience, and the culprit was “only” an adolescent Labrador. You can easily imagine what the vastly more powerful jaws of a fully grown Pitbull or Mastiff could do. So, do yourself a favour and ensure that your dog gets all the exercise they need on a daily basis! Number 4 – Keeping your Dog happy and healthy Our number 4 point on today’s TOP 5 interesting reasons for exercising your dog is fairly self-explanatory: As we said at the beginning of this videos, dogs are built to tun, trot, roam and hunt. The desire to do so is deeply ingrained in them, even though some of our more interesting-looking breeds hardly resemble their wolf-ancestor. But even an English Bulldog, a Pekinese or a tiny Chiahuahua needs to play and to move around outside the house, soak up all the different smells, sights and sounds – and move their body. They absolutely need this to stay healthy and happy. So, even if you live in a high-rise apartment in a busy city, do your dog justice and take them outside for walks – at least three times a day.  Pee pads and indoor dog toilets can be useful for housebreaking (or for making life easier for older dogs with incontinence issues), but in no way are they meant to replace the all-important ritual of walking your dog. Number 3 – Strengthening that Bond Our number 3 reason for getting your dog to move is that exercising your dog does wonders for deepening the bond you share: Walks, playtimes, training sessions, any kind of outing – they all are activities that you share with your canine companion, and they contribute to strengthening the emotional bond between the both of you. Spending quality time with your dog means spending ACTIVE time with them. Which is exactly why, in a family setting, it is so important that all members of the household engage in some form of activity with your dog. Even if it is “only” taking them outside for a game of fetch once a day. In this way, the dog learns to accept every family member to be its leader. Which in turn works wonders for the levels of affection and obedience that all of you will receive from your dog. Number 2 – Getting and staying in Shape Yourself One of the most important reasons for exercising your dog is that you yourself will get healthier and happier in the process: Unless you are already leading an active, health-conscious lifestyle, your dog is the best fitness coach you can imagine. Just look at their happy face and their wagging tail whenever you pick up that leash! They know a walk is coming, and for them, this is one of the major highlights of their day. So, if you could do with some more exercise yourself, allow your dog’s zest for outdoor activity to inspire you. And by the way, having a small breed dog is no excuse whatsoever: Even French Bulldogs and Miniature Dachshunds enjoy exploring the world from inside a safe doggy-rucksack. Which makes getting in shape even easier for you, as now, you will have to carry around a few kilos of canine when you go for longer walks and hikes.  Number 1 – Ensuring Sweet Dreams  And our number 1 reason for getting your dog – and yourself! – to move multiple times a day is better sleep. For yourself, this means you will sleep way better in the night than you did before you started exercising together with your canine companion. In addition, moderate exercise is one of the best ways to stay relaxed during the day. This applies both to yourself and your dog: A pleasantly tired dog is far more likely to be obedient, adhere to your house manners and be calm and composed in the home. Also, of course, physical exercise and mental stimulation are the cornerstones of a long, healthy and happy life for the both of you.

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