5 Things You MUST Buy Your NEW PUPPY


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Number 5 – Crate I highly recommend you invest in a high quality crate for your new dog. There are different models out there, some cheaper than others, but a good, safe and solid crate is worth its weight in gold! Crates are not only amazing tools for housetraining - as dogs do not like to do their business in their dens: They also keep your dog safe at all times, whether in your house or in your car. And, speaking of your house: Not only do crates keep your puppy safe from chewing on dangerous items in your home, but they also keep the interior of your home safe from canine chewing-attacks. When getting a crate, it is most effective to choose one that will be large enough for your dog once it has grown up. Many crates come with a divider that you can use to portion off a smaller space whilst your pup is still little. Number 4 – High Quality Puppy Food Especially large and giant breed puppies grow quite quickly – to the point where you can literally see them getting bigger overnight. This rapid growth comes with considerable physiological stress to the young dog’s bones and the growth plates in their joints. Which is why a high quality nutrition is crucial, especially during the first year of their lives. Therefore, best to invest in high end food specifically designed for puppies. When it comes to the question which food is the best for your breed of dog, ask your vet before buying large sacks of dog food. The vet can also recommend any supplement that might help your dog during its phases of rapid growth – especially if you have a giant breed puppy. And, just like the crate and all other items on this list, you want to have your pup’s food ready for the day when you bring your new canine companion home. Number 3 – Puppy Toys and Treats Apart from your new dog’s food, consider getting them healthy treats that are specifically designed for puppies. These will come in handy for training your pup, as tasty treats can work wonders in getting little canines motivated. Also, select a few different toys that are, again, specifically designed for puppies. I recommend the soft, but durable Kongs for puppies, especially because they make excellent anti-boredom toys (as soon as you fill them with treats, meat pate or peanut butter). Soft plush toys and squeaky balls for puppies are another excellent choice, whilst rope toys have the unfortunate tendency to disintegrate rather quickly, leaving threads of fabric everywhere on your floors.  Number 2 – Leash and Collar  Depending on your preferences, you can utilise a harness to leash-train your puppy. However, personally, I prefer a soft and comfortable puppy collar, combined with a light leash designed for young dogs. The reason being that I find it easier to provide a puppy with guidance and direction via the old-fashioned leash and collar combination. But if you live near a busy road and you fear that your pup might slip out of its collar, then by all means, go with the harness: Your puppy’s safety should always come first. If you are a fan of flexi-leashes, wait with using them until your puppy is fully leash-trained: During its first few weeks or months out there, getting to know the world, your puppy will feel more confident when connected to you through a more traditional leash. Number 1 – Dog Beds And the number one item on our list of what to buy for your puppy is closely related to the first one we mentioned – the crate: Whilst some crates already come with their own dog bed, the crate will probably not be your dog’s only sleeping space. At least not in the long run: Especially if they will have access to several rooms in the house, and the patio outside, each area should have a cosy sleeping spot. And the main reason I say this is not because I want you to spoil your dog – but because I want to make life easier for YOU: Once you have taught your puppy the “Place” command, you want to use this to quickly send them to their spot – so that you can go about your business without constantly being followed around by your dog.  And because you want to be as prepared as possible when your new pup arrives, you should invest in adequate dog beds, baskets or whatever your preference is, ahead of time. Of course, to avoid having to buy ever-updated versions of the same, best to invest in dog beds large enough to hold your dog once they are fully grown.

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