BOXER 101! Everything You Need TO Know About The Boxer Dog


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Where does the Boxer come from? The Boxer was created in the Germany of the late 19th century and stems from the (now extinct) German Mastiff, who was also known as the Boar Hound. A descendant from the ancient Greek Molossus Hound, the Boar Hound’s role consisted in hunting wild boar as well as deer and even bear. In order to create an even better hunting companion for the pursuit of large game, early German breeders crossed this Boar Hound with the Old English Bulldog. The dog they created was capable both of hunting down and of apprehending large prey until the hunters could reach the scene. Soon, the new breed began to gain popularity outside of its original role, and soon became a sought-after property guardian and companion dog. And today, the Boxer enjoys world-wide fame as loyal guard dog and loving family companion. What is their temperament like? Boxers are very energetic by nature. They come with an immensely high working- and prey drive. Due to their history as bull-fighters and boar-hunters Boxers make excellent guard- and personal protection dogs who do not require any training to defend their owners and their homes. That said, the Boxer can be slightly hesitant when it comes to actively attacking an intruder on its property. Which may well be due to the breed’s naturally friendly disposition towards all humans. Therefore, if you want your Boxer to be a reliable protector who will not hesitate in moments of danger, you should seek the assistance of a professional dog trainer. Such training will make your Boxer gain confidence. At the same time, it will allow you to always have control over your dog.  When it comes to their devotion and affection for their owners, Boxers are amazing. They absolutely love their people and make superb family dogs with a great love for children. However, they are best suited for families with slightly older children: Boxers tend to be quick in their movements and boisterous in their play - and in their display of affection. Which can cause them to accidentally injure a small child. How intelligent and trainable are Boxers? Not only are these beautiful guardians extremely easy to train, they are also highly intelligent and naturally eager to please their owner. The Boxer has been successfully employed by military and police forces all over the world for nearly a century. In fact, in its native Germany, the Boxer was among the first breeds to be formally accepted for police work. This is a very talented, quick-learning and highly capable working and guard dog and it excels in many kinds of dog sports. The agile and versatile Boxer beautifully combines trainability and intelligence, which is why Boxers are quite a good choice for less experienced owners. Are Boxers healthy dogs? Unfortunately, Boxers are not a very healthy breed, and they come with quite a long list of potential health problems. Even though Boxers are prone to brachycephalic airway syndrome due to their short heads and muzzles, they have to battle far more serious problems. From early puppyhood onwards, no less: Approximately 22% of puppies are said to die from infection before reaching 7 weeks of age. And according to a health survey conducted by the UK Kennel Club, almost 40% of Boxers’ deaths are due to cancer, followed by cardiac and gastrointestinal issues. To make matters worse, Boxers are extremely prone to epilepsy. Boxers usually have a lifespan of between 10 and 12 years.  The Boxer’s Exercise and Grooming Needs As Boxers are serious working dogs, they need several hours of vigorous exercise every day. If you are an active person yourself, this highly energetic breed could well be the perfect choice for you. Boxers love playing, walking, and exploring the great outdoors together with their favourite humans. Because they are so easy to train, you can teach them to trot next to your bicycle or to accompany you on runs, camping trips and hikes.  Due to their nature as hunting dogs, bred to untiringly track game, Boxers have a strong prey drive, which makes them prone to chasing cats, rabbits and even deer. Of course, you want to counteract this tendency by not letting them off leash outside of a secured area. At least not until they have mastered perfect recall.  But when it comes to grooming, Boxers are the superstars of minimalistic needs: You cannot possibly get it any better than this in terms of low maintenance - unless, perhaps, you acquire a hairless breed: This dog needs neither trimming nor brushing or bathing! To keep the Boxer’s beautiful short, tight coats shiny and smooth, you merely need to occasionally wipe them down with a damp washcloth.  An additional bonus is that these guardians have very little body odour. In other words: They hardly smell of dog. Overview Boxers are quite amazing dogs – cheerful, generally friendly and yet equipped with a decent natural guarding instinct. They are very smart, easy to train and excel in many different working- and companion roles. Fun-loving and enthusiastic, Boxers are always ready for action and make great companions for novice owners. 

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