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BREED 101 BULLY KUTTA! Everything You Need To Know About The Bully Kutta

BREED 101 BULLY KUTTA! Everything You Need To Know About The Bully Kutta


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History and Appearance of the Bully Kutta  The Bully Kutta is an ancient Mastiff breed whose roots date back to the time of the Persian King Xerxes the Great, who ruled from 486 to 465 BC. Also known as Indian or Pakistani Mastiffs, Bully Kuttas were primarily used for hunting game and guarding properties. Sadly, they were also used for dog fighting. In 1864, the first Pakistani Mastiff was presented at a dog show in London, and in the following decades, the breed gained popularity among British noblemen as hunting dog for large game. Today, the Bully Kutta has spread to several other countries, including the US. Also, the breed still is quite popular in its native lands – especially in the Punjab region of Pakistan and India. With its high legs and comparatively slender appearance, the Bully Kutta rather resembles a Great Dane than a typical Mastiff. In its overall appearance, this giant give the impression of great strength combined with speed and agility. Towering over almost any other dog breed in existence, adult male Pakistani Mastiffs can reach heights up to impressive 89 cm– which amounts to an incredible 35 inches. They can weigh up to 77 kg – that is almost 170 pounds. The females are slightly smaller and lighter.  What is their temperament like? And this brings us to the temperaments of these striking Mastiffs. They come with an extremely strong protective instinct and are true naturals in defending their own. And they do not require any training for that either. Bully Kuttas are happiest when provided with a large, secure area outside the home – a place where they can hold watch and patrol the perimeter. They are fiercely loyal, devoted to their owners, and quite affectionate towards them. These giant guardians need to be well-socialised from early puppyhood onwards. But even with socialisation, Pakistani Mastiffs are known to be extremely prone to dog-aggression. After all, they have never been bred to tolerate strangers on their property. The Bully Kutta’s natural wariness of strangers can easily escalate and make the dogs dangerous around people. Therefore, it goes without saying that they are unsuitable for beginners: To become safe and dependable canine companions, they absolutely need an experienced leader.  How intelligent and trainable are Bully Kuttas? Pakistani Mastiffs are formidable guardians who come with high levels of intelligence. However, unless guided by a very experienced, calm, consistent canine leader, these powerful Mastiffs will adopt the leadership position themselves, and make their own decisions. The Pakistani Mastiff is known to be quite stubborn, which is hardly surprising, given their history: For centuries, these dogs have been bred to make their own decisions in their traditional working roles as livestock- and farm guardians in India and Pakistan: For hundreds or even thousands of years, these Far Eastern Mastiffs were left to their own devices to ward off large predators such as, large cats, feral dogs, as well as human thieves.  Are Bully Kuttas healthy Dogs? In general, the Bully Kutta is a robust and healthy breed in. However, their quite considerable’ size makes them prone to health issues typical for large and giant breeds - such as bloat and hip dysplasia. And the more Mastiff-like Bully Kuttas can have droopy eyes, which are susceptible to infection. But apart from that, the Bully Kutta benefits from the natural selection process the breed was submitted to for hundreds of years: And because they have never been a fashion breed, Pakistani Mastiffs are not plagued by the many health issues of the more popular giant breeds. The life-expectancy of this robust Far Eastern Mastiff ranges from 9 to 12 years.  The Bully Kutta’s Exercise and Grooming Requirements These large, athletic dogs need plenty of work-outs and stimulation to stay healthy and well-balanced. Bully Kuttas are very energetic dogs with a high prey drive. To satisfy their desire for running, chasing, and playing, they need lots of physical exercise and mental stimulation – at least 2 hours per day. To prevent these highly active dogs from giving chase to everything that moves, diligent obedience training is a must. Most importantly, you should not let them off leash in public - unless they have mastered perfect recall under distraction.  Normal walks will not satisfy their immense desire for movement, but you can easily teach them to play fetch, and to engage with a spring-pole or flirt-pole.  When it comes to grooming, these amazing guardians hardly shed (apart from during shedding season in spring and autumn). Bully Kuttas require next to no brushing. To keep their short and tight coats clean, you merely need to give them a quick once-over with a soft bristle brush once or twice a week.  Overview Bully Kuttas are naturally confident, courageous, protective and fiercely loyal – which all are amazing traits in a guard dog. With the proper guidance and leadership, these awesome Mastiffs from the Far East make affectionate companions who absolutely love their family.

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