The Best Dog Breeds For APARTMENT LIVING!


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Number 10 – The Bullmastiff For all of you lovers of large powerful breeds: The Bullmastiff makes a far better apartment dog than many smaller breeds like terriers or other hunting dogs. These gentle giants are very quiet in the house, so much so that fans of the breed call them “the silent protectors”. Even though Bullmastiffs absolutely will alert you to danger and will defend you and your home, they do not usually bark without good reason. Also, these calm protectors require surprisingly little exercise for their size: Three shorter walks a day are quite sufficient to satisfy them. Number 9 – The Doberman The reasoning behind placing the elegant Doberman on the number 9 spot on our list is that, contrary to popular belief, Dobies make superb indoor dogs. Even though they do require regular brisk walks and outdoor playtime off-leash, they are a dream in the home: When insider, they are quite laid-back and love snuggling up to their owners on the couch whenever they get the chance. As long as Dobies get enough exercise and have at least one of their favourite people around them, they are relaxed and happy. And it goes without saying that Dobermans are superb guard dogs. Number 8 – The Standard Schnauzer Now, we are moving into the medium-sized breeds on our list, and on the number 8 spot, we have a true all-rounder: A dog who is equally happy to hang out indoors and to explore the world together with its humans. The Standard Schnauzer comes with the added benefit of being a very decent watchdog with at least some guarding abilities: Its size and courage in the face of potential danger will make would-be burglars think twice before testing the resolve of this fearless dog. Schnauzers are ideal for active apartment-dwellers who love to take their dogs with them on outings. Number 7 – The English Bulldog And at number 7 on our list of the TOP 10 perfect apartment dog breeds, we have another fearless breed who comes in a compact, medium-sized unit: the English Bulldog. With its permanently grumpy facial expression and typical bully-breed appearance, the Bulldog does come with a certain intimidation factor that, again, probably will deter people with unfriendly agendas from testing its resolve. True to its heritage, the Bulldog is a fearless fighter if it needs to be. But most of the time, it enjoys relaxing on a comfy spot, which makes this “couch potato” a great apartment dog. Bulldogs love to play, but only need a few 15 minutes walks per day to be content. Number 6 – The French Bulldog Our number 6 spot goes to yet another Bulldog breed who is even more popular than its English cousin: the famous Frenchie. These clowns amongst the dogs are smaller than the English Bulldog and lack their tenacity and guarding ability. In other words, they are not born to defend anything much, as they come with an innate love for all people. Burglars included. But what they lack on the guarding front, they more than make up for with their immense charm: Frenchies are the clowns amongst the small dog breeds, and are known to amuse everyone around with their antics. As they also require very little exercise, they are picture-perfect apartment dogs. Number 5 – The Pomeranian Moving down now to the toy sized breeds of the canine world, on the halfway-mark of today’s list, we have the Pomeranian: a compact, active and fun furball of a dog. The Pomeranian is of Nordic descent and has a plush double coat. Despite their limited size, these intelligent companions make very good watchdogs and come with an amusing, quirky character. Whilst they love to play and explore the world, they do not need long walks to be satisfied.   Number 4 – The Pekinese  On our number 4 spot, we have another toy breed that is even more suited to an apartment lifestyle than most of our previous picks: The Pekinese is a wonderful companion dog. Affectionate, sweet and very attached to their owners, these ancient little Chinese palace dogs are an ideal choice for city-dwellers. With their long, flowing coats, they are not only a joy to live with, but also to look at. As long as it can spend most of its time around people, a Pekinese will be quite happy with a few shorter walks each day.   Number 3 – The Miniature Poodle And here we are, at the TOP 3 positions on our list of the TOP 10 perfect apartment dog breeds. The Bronze Medal goes to one of the most intelligent and teachable dogs in the world – the Poodle. Like the Schnauzer we discussed before, the Poodle comes in three different sizes, and the miniature version makes an amazing canine companion for anyone living in smaller quarters. These smart and cheerful dogs love to play and to learn new things. They are more energetic than the Pekinese or the Frenchie, which makes them a great choice for active owners.   Number 2 – The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Now, here we are at our second top position of today’s list. And the breed we have here could not be more deserving of the Silver Medal Spot: The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is so amazingly well-suited for apartment-living that I almost selected it for winner of the Gold Medal. Sweet, friendly, mellow and gentle, this toy Spaniel with its beautiful silky coat is an ideal companion for people leading a quiet lifestyle. These kind-hearted dogs are as easy to live with as it gets.  Number 1 – The Shi Tzu And now, we come to the absolute top-spot on our list of perfect apartment dogs. The Gold Medal goes to one of the most affectionate, friendly and low-maintenance companion breeds in existence: the Chinese “lion dog”, also know as the Shi Tzu. These docile little canines make absolutely wonderful family pets, as they get along fine with other dogs or pets in the household. Also, their sweet and agreeable personality makes them great companions for children. As an added bonus, they can easily be trained to alert their owners to anyone approaching the door.

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