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Number 10 – The Boxer And right here at number 10, we see an athletic, medium-sized German breed known for its excellent performance as sports dog and police service dog: The Boxer is an amazing guardian who comes with the tenacity typical for its Bulldog-ancestors. At the same time, the Boxer is an active, cheerful, fun-loving companion and responds quite well to training.   Number 9 – The Doberman At number 9, we have another German guardian breed: The large, elegant Doberman has been bred for the specific purpose of protecting its owner – which of course, makes it a superb guard dog. At the same time, Dobies are one of the best house dogs and family companions you could possibly imagine: Gentle, devoted and loving to their people, Dobies form deep emotional bonds with their owners. Number 8 – The Bernese Mountain Dog Our number 8 spot goes to the beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog - a Swiss herding breed more popular for its glorious long, tricoloured coat than for its guarding potential. And yet, these beautiful large dogs make good home- and property guardians – whilst being quite friendly to all humans and animals in their household. Bernese Mountain dogs can be slightly stubborn, but respond well to positive reinforcement and make quite a good choice for first time owners.   Number 7 – The German Shepherd And here at number 7 we have the most popular of all the German guardian breeds – the legendary German Shepherd. Extremely intelligent and trainable, this dog is a great pick for beginners, if they are committed to meeting its considerable exercise requirements: Obedience training along with vigorous walks, runs and play sessions along with a large backyard will ensure your German Shepherd ‘s needs are met.  Number 6 – The Great Dane It may surprise you to find THE largest dog breed in existence here on our list of the TOP 10 guardian breeds for beginners. However, the majestic Great Dane is the proverbial gentle giant whose devotion for and loyalty to its owners makes it an extremely trustworthy family companion. Nevertheless, this imposing dog comes with a high intimidation factor, that is helped by its deep, booming bark.  Number 5 – The Airedale Terrier Right here at the halfway-mark, we have the glorious Airedale Terrier: Britain’s largest Terrier is an amazing guard dog whose protective instincts go hand in hand with its noble character. Airedales are true “Gentlemen” – calm, dignified, reserved towards strangers, but deeply devoted to their owners. Not prone to excessive barking, an Airedale will usually only alert when there is something going on that is deemed suspicious by the dog. Number 4 – The Leonberger And on our number 4 spot, we have a particularly imposing-looking breed from Germany. This giant dog with the bear-like appearance is actually a cross between two immensely peaceful and friendly breeds – the Saint Bernard and the Newfoundland – and one more reserved and watchful Mountain Mastiff – the Great Pyrenees. We are speaking about the glorious, majestic and massive Leonberger. Gentle, friendly and yet equipped with a solid guarding instinct, the Leonberger is a good choice for beginner dog owners. Number 3 – The Shar Pei Now we come to my TOP three picks for the title “best guard dog breed for beginners”. And on the lowest place on the podium, on the Bronze Medal spot, we have a truly unique breed from China – the Shar Pei. But what makes this dog so special is not only its typical skin folds and its blue tongue, but its superb natural guarding abilities. Combined with the Shar Pei’s well-rounded character and laid-back temperament, the breed’s wariness of strangers gives it everything an excellent guard dog for beginners needs. Number 2 – The Bullmastiff And on the Silver Medal spot, we have a breed that is very dear to me personally – the Bullmastiff. In my opinion the best family guardian breed on the planet, the Bullmastiff also is one of the most affectionate companions that the canine world has to offer. Bullmastiffs can be stubborn and strong-willed, but what they lack in trainability, they more than make up for in character. Calm, gentle and quiet in the house (unless there is something suspicious going on, of course), these dogs even make good guardians for people living in apartments. Number 1 – The English Mastiff And our pick for the number one spot on our list of the TOP 10 best guard dog breeds for novice owners is THE heaviest dog breed in the world – the famous, stunning and incredible English Mastiff. Now, everything we said about the Bullmastiff also holds true for its larger and heavier cousin, the English Mastiff. But what made me award the Gold Medal to the English Mastiff is its extra-dose of calm and relaxed attitude. Make no mistake about it, if this dog detects any danger to its family, it absolutely will rise to the occasion. But apart from this, the English Mastiff is an extremely mellow companion – very quiet in the house and happy with quite moderate amounts of walks and playtimes. Its gentle nature makes this dog the very best choice for inexperienced owners who still want to have a good guard dog by their side.

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