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The Most Important Questions To Ask Your Dog Breeder!

The Most Important Questions To Ask Your Dog Breeder!


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Question Number 5 – How experienced are you with breeding? First and foremost, if you want to get a healthy Pedigree puppy, you should ensure that you choose a breeder who is registered with the Kennel Club of your respective country. This has a large number of benefits – for example, Kennel Club assured breeders are bound by the Club’s guidelines which prevent irresponsible breeding and maximize your future puppy’s chances of leading a long, healthy, and happy life.  Usually, a Kennel Club assured breeder will be professional and experienced. But nevertheless, you should ask them for how long they have been breeding the type of dog you want to buy from them. Question Number 4 – How do you socialize your Puppies?  Early socialization is crucial if you want to ensure that your new dog has the best possible start into life. Every responsible breeder will be quite familiar with the importance of early socialisation, and they will have familiarized their litters to different people, including children. Usually, breeders will also expose the young puppies to some of their other dogs as well as to different areas. By the time you get your puppy, it will most likely have been handled a lot, and it should have experienced different locations and types of underground – such as concrete, wood, grass and carpet. But whilst you should be able to expect this proactive socialisation, it is better to ask your breeder to clarify how exactly the pups were familiarized with different humans, animals, sounds, sights and smells. This is especially important if your puppy is going to live amidst a busy household with children and other pets. Question Number 3 – Have you health-tested the Parents?  Again, even though you should be able to expect this from an experienced breeder, ask them if they utilize genetic screening to ensure that both parents of their litters are in good health. This serves mainly to exclude any of the genetic health issues that might run in the breed of your choice. Also, if you are planning to get a large breed- or bully breed puppy, you want to ensure that x-rays on the hip and elbows have been performed to prevent dysplasia from spreading down the bloodline and impacting your future dog’s quality of life. Ideally, along with the contract of purchase, your breeder will give you a written health certificate for your puppy, issued by a vet, to ensure that you are buying a healthy dog.  Question Number 2 – What are the Requirements for buying a Puppy from you? An excellent breeder will ask you plenty of questions, and some of them might be rather personal: They might ask about your financial situation, your living setup and your neighbourhood. Also, your breeder might insist on seeing pictures of your house, or even on delivering your puppy to you. In this way, they ensure that your place indeed meets their requirements. If you have chosen a large, powerful breed, they might “grill” you about your experience with dogs of that kind, and they will not allow novice-owners to buy one of their puppies. Such inquiries might seem unusual, but any trustworthy and professional breeder WILL ask them, in one form or another. And they should – it shows that they care about each one of their puppies, and that they do everything they can to ensure that each of them moves into an amazing new home. Question Number 1 – Can I meet the Parents? At the number 1 position of our list of the TOP 5 questions to ask your breeder, we have  the question “Can I meet the parents?” This is vital, because seeing and, if possible, touching, your puppy’s parents will give you a very good idea of how your dog will turn out: Not only in terms of outer appearance, but also in terms of character, general demeanour and temperament. At least the litter’s mother should be on hand in the breeding facilities, whilst the father might not be on site. If the sire is not available for you to personally meet him, then your breeder at least should show your pictures and, if possible, videos of him.

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