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Number 10 – The Scottish Terrier Right here at number 10, we have a true gem of a Terrier: Calm and collected most of the time, the Scottish Terrier is an amusing and amazing companion. Despite its adorably quirky nature, the “Scottie” does not require lots of maintenance, as its Terrier-typical independence makes the dog quite self-sufficient. The wire-haired Scottish Terrier is an excellent housedog who comes with short legs and a long beard – which makes him look like a short-legged Schnauzer. Number 9 – The Standard Schnauzer On our number 9 spot, we have a breed very similar to the Scottish Terrier – the Standard Schnauzer. Many of the Scottie’s attributes also live in the Schnauzer, but they come in a compact, medium-sized package. If you love strong-willed, free-spirited (and bearded) dogs, but you do not want a small breed, then the Schnauzer is a perfect canine companion for you. These dogs are great in the house, but also ever ready to accompany you on longer walks and hikes. Number 8 – The Welsh Terrier And here on number 8, there is yet another one of those stubborn and spunky personalities: The medium-sized Welsh Terrier who makes a great companion for outdoor activities such as moderate hikes, camping excursions or bicycle trips. “Welshies” are an ideal choice for active seniors who want an energetic and fun-loving dog. Resembling the Standard Schnauzer in temperament, shape and size, the Welsh Terrier comes with an added benefit: Their curly, black-and-tan coat does not shed. Number 7 – The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel At number 7 on our list of the TOP 10 dog breeds for seniors, we have an absolutely beautiful toy Spaniel: The Cavalier King Charles. It is hard not to fall in love with these small and cuddly canines with their large, round eyes and their silken coats. These are picture-perfect companion dogs. And contrary to our previous picks with their strong-willed, independent character, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is quite docile and affectionate: An ideal choice for seniors who want a friendly dog that gets along great with their grandchildren. Number 6 – The Cavapoo Our number 6 spot goes to a direct descendent of the Cavalier King Charles Spanial – the Cavapoo. By bringing the highly intelligent and trainable poodle into the mix, breeders have created an amazingly versatile companion dog. Small in size, the Cavapoo comes with a big heart for all humans. Good-natured and placid, Cavapoos are extremely social. And thanks to the more vocal poodle’s influence, they also make good watchdogs.  Number 5 – The Yorkshire Terrier Our list would not be complete if we left the Yorkie out of it: Despite their past as hunting dogs for mice and rats, Yorkshire Terriers are among the best and most popular toy-size companion dogs in the world. They can make excellent pets and lapdogs, and not only because of their small size: Yorkies absolutely love being around their people and can often be found curled up in their owner’s lap.  Number 4 – The Boston Terrier On our number 4 spot, we have a breed so similar to our TOP 3 pick in looks and temperament that it was difficult to pick one above the other: Our number 4 breed is so well-known for its good manners and gentle nature that it has earned the name “The American Gentleman”: The Boston Terrier. Looking like permanently stuck in a tight Tuxedo jacket because of its colouring, Bostons are perhaps the friendliest and funniest amongst all the Terrier breeds.  Number 3 – The French Bulldog  And now, we are moving into the TOP 3 positions on our list of the TOP 10 dog breeds for seniors. The Bronze Medal goes to one of THE most popular companion dog breeds in existence – a small Bulldog famous for its quirky and humorous character: the Frenchie. French Bulldogs are immensely easy to live with. Low-maintenance, quiet in the house and highly sociable, they get along with pretty much everything and everyone. Frenchies frequently make their owners laugh with their antics, and they are a sheer joy to have around. Number 2 – The Shi Tzu Now, here we are at our second position on the pedestal – the prestigious Silver Medal Spot. Let’s see who has managed to conquer the second top spot among the TOP 10 dog breeds suitable for slightly older owners. And the fluffy little dog who is my personal pick for the Silver medal spot could not be more deserving of it: Once the palace pet of ancient Chinese rulers, the Shih Tzu is the perfect companion dog for people leading a quiet lifestyle. Calm, even-tempered and immensely affectionate to its humans, the Shih Tzu comes with a beautiful long, flowing coat. Number 1 – The Sheltie And with that, we have arrived at the absolute top-spot on today’s list. The Gold Medal goes to a Scottish breed which happens to be one of the most beautiful companion dogs on the planet – the Shetland Sheepdog, or Sheltie. With its stunning long coat and elegant appearance, the Sheltie looks like a miniature version of the Rough Collie. This amazingly beautiful miniature sheepdog is peaceful and friendly, and its small size makes it an ideal companion dog. Shelties are very intelligent and responsive to training. And it is precisely this combination of smartness and gentleness which makes the Sheltie our number one pick for THE TOP dog breed for seniors.

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