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Number 10 – THE PEMBROKE WELSH CORGI And we start off today’s list with a small breed whose name you might have never heard before – the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Believe it or not, these little fellows with the pointy ears and the elongated backs were originally bred to herd sheep and cattle! But they are also amazing family pets who are great with children. Corgis are very smart and always eager to please their people. Their small size makes them perfect housedogs, and they absolutely love to cuddle.  Number 9 – THE GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTER On our number 9 spot, we have an absolutely beautiful and elegant hunting breed, the German Shorthaired Pointer. Smart, cheerful and energetic, these dogs are amazing companions – not only for hunters, but for every active owner who loves the great outdoors. They make outstanding buddies for hiking, trekking and camping, and they love the water. German Shorthaired Pointers are known to be sweet, gentle housedogs who are very good with children. It is quite understandable that Americans love these friendly dogs! Number 8- THE ROTTWEILER And next in line is a powerful and popular German guardian breed – the Rottweiler. These capable working dogs are valued members of the police force and the military. Their high levels of intelligence and trainability make the Rottweiler perfect for these roles. But the vast majority of the modern Rotties lead more quiet lifestyles: Their job is to protect their owners and to guard their property. Numerous Rottweilers also happily fill the position of family guardian. Evidently, guard dog-enthusiasts all over America have embraced the Rottweiler whole-heartedly, and there are not many breeds that can trump them in terms of popularity.  Number 7 – THE BEAGLE And here at number 7, we see one of Britain’s best and most popular hunting and companion breeds – the beautiful Beagle. These shorthaired and middle-sized dogs not only make awesome hunting companions, but also great pets. With their cheerful, fun-loving and outgoing temperament, they are perfectly suited for active families. Beagles are highly social and will happily embrace any human or fellow canine whom they meet in their affections. Number 6 – THE POODLE The next breed on our list is yet another highly intelligent hunting breed – the Poodle. And it is not surprising that Americans love Poodles so much: Not only are they easy to train and fun to be have around, they are also very clean dogs. Contrary to most other breeds, Poodles practically do not shed. And they come in 3 different sizes: Standard, small and miniature. Poodles are very friendly dogs who will be more than happy to be your lapdog, your active companion, your child’s best friend – and just generally a joy to live with! Number 5 – THE ENGLISH BULLDOG As we reach the halfway-mark of our list of America’s most popular dogs, we see a breed that may come as a surprise to you: the wrinkle-faced, grumpy-looking English Bulldog. But despite their unique appearance and long list of health problems, they have so many redeeming qualities that Americans cannot help but adore them.  For example, English Bulldog make great apartment dogs: This middle-sized breed only requires minimal exercise, and is the proverbial couch potato of the canine world. Their gentle and laid-back attitude make them perfect family companions, and the absolutely adore children.   Number 4 – THE FRENCH BULLDOG And on the number 4 spot, we have yet another Bulldog, this time the French version! The medium-sized, bat-eared Frenchie is a particularly kind and even-tempered dog. Funny, cheerful and charming, French Bulldogs are a great choice for novice owners, slightly older people as well as families: Sweet and sociable, they make wonderful pets. Frenchies are quite adaptable and not as energetic as many other smaller breeds, which makes them ideal candidates for apartment living. Number 3 – THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER  There is no doubt about it – American dog owners love their Golden Retrievers. And for very good reason, because these Golden beauties basically exude joy and happiness wherever they go. There is no such thing as a really bad day with a Golden Retriever by your side: All you need to do is look at their happy, smiling face and their cheerfully wagging tail, and you will feel better. Which is precisely why these gundogs from Scotland make such amazing therapy- and emotional support dogs. They are great with children and get along with pretty much everyone they meet – other pets included. Number 2 – The GERMAN SHEPHERD And here on the number 2 spot, we have one of the most – if not THE most - popular guardian breed on the planet. We are talking about the amazing German Shepherd. Even though it was originally bred to herd flocks of sheep, it soon became clear that this dog can do much more. And today, the German Shepherd is a valued member of military and police forces all over the world. These dogs are extremely intelligent, trainable and eager to please their owners. They make amazing family companions who will protect your home from any uninvited visitors. For all these reasons, it is hardly surprising that American dog owners favour German Shepherds above all other guardian breeds.  Number 1 – THE LABRADOR RETRIEVER The undisputed winner of the title “America’s Most Popular Dog Breed” is a wonderful, famous and friendly family companion - the Labrador Retriever. These smart, cheerful and mellow dogs make amazing companions, both for single owners and for households with children and other pets.. Highly intelligent, they are quite easy to train and make fun-loving and friendly pets. Labradors are ideal for first time dog owners.  

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