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Number 10 – The Doberman And right here on our number 10 spot, we have the noble and elegant Doberman. Besides being one of the best guardian breeds on the planet, the Doberman is also a very neat and tidy dog. Its single-layered, short black-and-tan or chocolate-and-tan coat hardly sheds throughout the year and only requires a few short brushes per week. These dogs do not require frequent baths, either, as any dirt or dust getting on the Dobie is easy to remove with a damp washcloth.  Number 9 – The Akita Our number 9 spot goes to an ancient Japanese breed that has gained worldwide popularity for its unfailing loyalty and its superb guarding instincts: The Akita is a stunning dog whose thick and plush fur requires astonishingly little care. Rather than shedding, Akitas blow their coats twice a year, which makes managing their luxurious fur quite straightforward. They are also known for their cleanliness. Akitas love clean quarters and are therefore easy to housetrain. Also, they keep themselves clean by licking their fur – much like cats do. Number 8 – The Poodle The number 8 spot on our list of the TOP 10 cleanest dogs goes to an energetic and extremely intelligent breed – the Poodle. Originally bred as waterdogs, Poodles come in three varieties: Standard, miniature and toy. All three of them make amazing companions for house-proud owners, as the friendly Poodle does not shed. Its soft, dense and curly coat consists only of one single layer, which means there is no undercoat that could get loose and decorate your floors and furniture. The only downside of Poodles being born waterdogs is that they will happily jump into ponds and puddles whenever they get the chance to. Which means that you might spend quite a bit of time in rinsing and soaping your Poodle clean before letting them back into the house.  Number 7 – The English Greyhound And at number 7, we have the elegant, light-footed and lightning-fast English Greyhound. Loving, devoted and very gentle towards their family, these large-size sprinters make perfect housedogs. With their super short coat, they already look neat and tidy. Two to three brushes per week with a grooming mitt or soft bristle brush are quite enough to eliminate any dead hairs in your Greyhound’s fur. These dogs are so quiet in the house that you often will not even notice them – but if in doubt, check your couch, as these clean canines love curling up on comfy furniture.   Number 6 – The English Bull Terrier The English Bull Terrier could have easily ranked higher on this list, as it requires minimal time and effort on the grooming front. Its short and tight coat is typical for bully breeds, and is very similar to that of the English Greyhound. However, being a terrier, this fun-loving dog comes with an adorable spunky and mischievous nature. Most of the time, the Bull Terrier’s fur will stay nice and clean, and if it does not, a quick once-over with a wet washcloth will restore it to its natural neatness. Number 5 – The Dalmatian The short, smooth coats of this beautiful spotted hunting breed require little grooming, as they actually prevent dust from clinging to the dog. The Dalmatian’s skin also produces natural oils that act as natural repellent for dried mud. Which is why this unique dog not even gets dirty after rolling around in mud. And in addition, this hygienic canine is known to lick and groom itself like cats do. As Dalmatians love clean spaces around them, they are exceptionally easy to housetrain.  Number 4 – The Dogo Argentino The number 4 spot on our list belongs to the Dogo Argentino, or Argentinian Mastiff. This large, muscular guardian has originally been bred for hunting large game, but it also makes a superb personal and home protection dog. The Dogo’s beautiful short and exclusively white coat needs only the occasional treatment with a soft bristle brush or a rubber grooming mitt for dogs. The Dogo is a superb choice for people interested in a strong, powerful and extremely capable guardian who, at the same time, is perfectly suited as neat, clean and quite affectionate housedog. Number 3 – The Chow-Chow Things are going to get exciting now, as we enter the realm of the TOP 3 cleanest and neatest members of the canine family. And the Bronze Medal spot goes to a breed that might surprise you because of its luxurious fluffy coat. But similar to the Akita, the big, teddy-bear-like Chow-Chow hardly sheds, but blows his entire coat all at once in shedding season. Which only occurs twice a year, so you will have it easy on the grooming-front for most of the time. Like Akitas and Dalmatians, Chow-Chows are particularly easy to housebreak and clean their thick fur in a cat-like manner. As an added bonus, the Chinese furball has almost no doggy odour. Number 2 – The Boxer And speaking about lack of doggy odour and habitual cat-like self-grooming – our number 2 pick shares these bonuses, but brings even less required grooming time to the table: Its short and shiny fur is practically self-cleaning. On the Silver Medal spot, we have a versatile guardian, family companion and sports dog from Germany: The Boxer! Boxers need neither trimming nor brushing or bathing. To keep their beautiful short, tight coats shiny and smooth at all times, you merely need to occasionally wipe them down with a damp washcloth. It really does not get much easier – or cleaner! – than that. Number 1 – The American Hairless Terrier Now, the Gold Medal spot goes to a dog that simply cannot be trumped when it comes to cleanliness. With this breed, there will be no hairs to clean up, ever. Simply because, true to its name, the American Hairless Terrier has no fur. Which is why it tops every single other dog breed and has undisputedly gained the number one spot on our list of the TOP 10 clean dog breeds. As long as you protect your Hairless Terrier’s sensitive skin from sunburn and cold temperatures, you will enjoy a wonderfully playful, energetic and highly intelligent canine companion – together with an always neat and doghair-free house!

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