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Number 10 – The Golden Retriever And right here at number 10, we have the Golden Retriever – a breed not known for its comical appearance or witty nature. However, these dogs are so full of joy and happiness that they make people smile just by looking at them: The dogs themselves seem to wear a permanent smile on their faces, and they certainly are one of the most up-beat and enthusiastic breeds in existence. Just imagine waking up every morning to the happy presence of a Golden Retriever - who cannot wait to start its day together with you! Number 9 – The English Bull Terrier Despite their violent origins as fearless bull fighters, English Bull Terriers are actually very sweet and gentle dogs. Perfect canine companions for active families, these beautiful Terriers are known for their comical, goofy personalities: They absolutely love to play and to participate in the lives of their humans as much as possible. Ever happy and cheerful, they are one of the most affectionate breeds of the Terrier type. Number 8 – The Pembroke Welsh Corgi With their short legs and their sweet, fox-like faces, Pembroke Welsh Corgis already look funny. And these playful dogs certainly have what it takes to add entertainment to their owner’s lives. Always up for playtimes, these amusing little canines are guaranteed to bring an extra dose of joy and laughter into your life. They are always active, and their energetic personality makes them lots of fun to live with. Number 7 – The Boxer Like many breeds derived from Bulldogs, Boxers seem to be born with a sense of humour: Goofy and fun-loving, they absolutely adore playing and spending time with their people. The Boxer’s enthusiastic, happy-go-lucky personality and its natural zest for life are inspiring. And having one of these affectionate, snub-nosed companions happily snort at you in anticipation of walks or playtimes, is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Number 6 – The Pomeranian Derived from the German Spitz, this toy-sized breed is one of the most popular companion dogs in the world. And for good reason: With their rounded, cute puppy-like faces and their puffy coats, these witty dogs look like coloured cotton puffs. And they seem to have a knack for amusing people by clowning around. These adorable little goofballs make amazing family pets. People who can provide the little Spitz with plenty of time and affection are guaranteed to be rewarded with a joyful and utterly comical canine.  Number 5 – The Dachshund This German hunting breed already looks quite funny, and it certainly has an attitude. Immensely stubborn, the Dachshund is known for routinely ignoring its owner’s commands. Or even ignoring its owner’s existence, whenever it has found something interesting to do. Like digging up your front lawn. It is not so much that Dachshunds try to be funny – on the contrary. But these long-stretched and strong-willed little canines just cannot help being utterly amusing.  Number 4 – The Chiahuahua And on our number 4 spot, we have a toy-sized breed who ever so narrowly has missed our TOP 3 picks on the list of the most comical dog breeds. This candidate is in fact the world’s smallest dog, even though it certainly does not act the part: the Chiahuahua.  Closely bonded to their owners, Chiahuahuas often can be seen to listen intently when spoken to - whilst attentively moving their large ears and staring at people with their big round eyes. A Chiahuahua’s antics are guaranteed to amuse people and can easily turn a bad day into a good one.  Number 3 – The English Bulldog Now we come to my TOP three picks for the title “most comical dog breed in existence”. And on the lowest place on the podium, on the Bronze Medal spot, we have a dog whose ancestors were once feared and revered for their willingness to fight to the death: The English Bulldog. However, the English Bulldog’s stubbornness has not made it any less popular. On the contrary, this breed is one of the most sought-after companion dogs. Perhaps this popularity is due to the combination of the dogs’ permanently grumpy facial expression and its comical behaviour. The English Bulldog certainly is a uniquely warm-hearted, funny, and charming companion.  Number 2 – The Boston Terrier On the Silver Medal spot, we have a medium-sized dog known as “The American Gentleman”. The dog has earned this title due to its (usually) exceptionally well-mannered behaviour and its unique coat-colour, which makes it seem to wear a tight-fitted tuxedo jacket.  But despite its good behaviour, the Boston Terrier comes with an adorably quirky nature: Making his owners smile seems one of the goals in the life of this sweet little Gentleman. In its attempt to figure out what its owner is saying, the Terrier often tilts its little head from side to side whilst looking at the human with large, soulful eyes. It is safe to say that this sweet and adorable companion has more than earned the Silver Medal as one of the most amusing dog breeds. Number 1 – The French Bulldog And here we are, at the top of the top of our list of the most comical dog breeds in existence. The Gold Medal spot goes to a breed world-famous for it funny, quirky, and mischievous character. In fact, their unique charm and amusing appearance have made numerous Hollywood celebrities choose these dogs over all others. We are talking about the amazing, wonderful, one-of-a-kind French Bulldog.  The Frenchie is a clown by nature. With its large, bat-like ears and big round eyes, the little Bulldog makes people smile even just by looking at it. There is no doubt about it – the French Bulldog is an absolutely amazing companion, and the ultimate in comical dog breeds.

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