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TOP 10  Dog Breeds In The UNITED KINGDOM


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Number 10 – THE WEST HIGHLAND WHITE TERRIER And here at the start of this list, we see a wonderful white dog breed – the famous West Highland White Terrier. Playful, enthusiastic and quite entertaining, Westies are fabulous family pets. Because of their small size, they can easily live in apartments. These white whirlwinds get along well with other dogs, strangers and children. And yet, their keen Terrier-senses make them quite dependable watchdogs.   Number 9 – THE LURCHER Unless you live in Britain, you may have gone through life never hearing about the Lurcher. Which is not surprising, as the Lurcher is not a purebred - but a cross between a sighthound and another breed, usually a Terrier or sheepdog. Historically, the Lurcher was the poacher's dog of choice. But due to their gentle nature, these mixed-breeds have become very popular family pets in the UK. Lurchers are known to be sweet, gentle and very good with children. Number 8- THE BORDER TERRIER Not many people outside of the UK know of the Border Terrier’s existence – which is a shame, as they are quite wonderful companions. Rough-coated and funny-looking, this Terrier was originally bred for the pursuit of foxes and rodents. And it has kept its fearless nature to this day. The Border Terrier loves to play and to explore the great outdoors together with its favourite humans. As long as they get plenty of exercise, Border Terriers can adapt well to apartment living. Number 7 – THE BORDER COLLIE And here at number 7, we see Britain’s joy and pride: The Border Collie is THE most intelligent dog in the world. It is claimed that these medium-sized, shaggy sheepdogs easily can learn several hundred different words. Super smart and highly trainable, Border Collies are awesome utility dogs, and they make great companions for active families.  Number 6 – THE GERMAN SHEPHERD The next breed on our list is yet another sheepdog, albeit from Germany: The world-famous German Shepherd may not be QUITE as smart as Britain’s Border Collie. But when it comes to protecting its owners and their home, the German Shepherd is a natural high-performer. In most cases, however, seeing one of these large, wolf-like dogs behind the fence will be sufficient to discourage any would-be burglars. Number 5 – THE JACK RUSSELL TERRIER On number 5, we have one of England’s most fearless and funny dog breeds – the Jack Russell Terrier. Despite their small size, these tenacious Terriers come with a large personality and an astonishingly fearless nature. Which must have come in handy back in the day when this Terrier had to hunt and fight foxes for a living!  Adventurous and energetic, Jack Russells make great companions for active people. As an added benefit, they are awesome watchdogs. Number 4 – THE COCKER SPANIEL When we hear people talk about Spaniels, we tend to automatically think of the most common one of them – the medium-sized, silky-haired and long-eared Cocker Spaniel. Mellow, kind and even-tempered, these dogs are well-suited for novice owners, slightly older people as well as for families: Cockers are very patient and tolerant dogs who make wonderful pets. They are highly adaptable and not as energetic as many smaller breeds, which makes them ideal candidates for apartment living. Number 3 – THE SPRINGER SPANIEL  Quite evidently, the UK is a nation of Spaniel-enthusiasts – and the athletic Springer Spaniel ranks on place number 3 on the list of Britain’s most popular dog breeds. Affectionate, alert and cheerful, these beautiful, middle-sized gundogs make amazing companions. Both for hunters and for people looking for an intelligent, gentle housedog. Their keen instincts also make Springer Spaniels decent watchdogs.  Number 2 – THE COCKAPOO As we are nearing the top of the top of Britain’s favourite dog breeds, we see a modern designer-breed whose name might be unfamiliar to you. Unless you live in the UK, that is, as these kind-hearted canines are well-loved there: We are talking about Cockapoos, who are in essence a cross between Cocker Spaniels and Poodles. Fun-loving and friendly, Cockapoos make excellent family pets and active companions. They are quite social and get along with pretty much everyone in the household, including other dogs. Number 1 – THE LABRADOR RETRIEVER The undisputed winner of the title “Britain’s Most Popular Dog Breed” is the famous, friendly and lovable Labrador Retriever. And with very good reason – Labradors are wonderful and versatile companions. Highly intelligent, they are quite easy to train and make fun pets. If you never had a dog before, or you have small children whom you would like to grow up with a safe, dependable dog – then, the Labrador is an excellent choice.

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