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Number 10 – The Labrador

And right at number 10, we have the most popular dog breed in the United States, according to the American Kennel Club: the famous Labrador. Now, it may surprise you that this breed does not rank higher on our list, as the Labradors’ mellow nature is legend. However, attacks involving a biting Labrador do occur far more often than we may think.

Even though Labs usually are quite friendly, one must not forget that these are, in essence, high-energy working dogs. As such, they can be quite intense in their demeanour and boisterous in their play. In combination with poor manners and socialization, such boisterous play can escalate and turn into a Labrador biting another dog, or even a person.

Number 9 – The Yorkshire Terrier

Originally bred as hunting dogs for rats and mice in the mines of Northern England, these small Terriers have become one of the most popular toy companion dog breeds in many countries, such as the US, Australia, the UK, and even South Africa.

Whist Yorkshire Terriers usually are immensely lively, sweet, and people-loving dogs, they can suffer from “small-dog-syndrome”. This basically means that Yorkies can turn reactive and even aggressive towards other people and other dogs. Of course, such displays of growling, barking and snapping can be corrected through training. But it is this tendency to display rather unfriendly behaviours that makes the adorable Yorkie not rank higher on our list of the TOP 10 friendliest dog breeds.

Number 8 – The Newfoundland

Our pick for the number 8 spot on this list may come as a surprise – because you would not generally associate the attribute “friendly” with an intimidating-looking giant breed dog. And yet, at number 7, we have the Newfoundland.

In my personal opinion, these awesome dogs are amongst the top family companion breeds on the planet, as their natural love for children is truly unparalleled in the canine world. Newfoundlands are the perfect “gentle giants” who form close bonds with their family and are loyal to a fault.

As they were never bred as guardians, but instead were developed as water-rescue dogs, these shaggy giants are not aggressive. However, they can be reserved towards strangers – which is why they “only” rank on number 8.

Number 7 – The Beagle

The number 7 spot on our list of especially kind-hearted dog breeds goes to a beautiful, middle-sized hunting breed - the Beagle. Back in the day in mid-18th century England, the ancestors of today’s Beagles accompanied British noblemen on their hunting expeditions. The hunters on horseback relied on their packs of dogs to flush out prey like rabbits and foxes. Of course, this task required the dogs to be excellent team-workers.

Quite possibly, that is why our modern Beagles are so very social and friendly – not only towards other dogs, but also towards us humans. Beagles are sweet, outgoing, and curious dogs who today rank among the most popular breeds in the United States. And for good reason: These playful and happy canine companions have a reputation for being one of the friendliest dog breeds around.

Number 6 – The Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier could have easily ranked higher on this list, as it is a superb family dog – who is indeed so friendly that it even includes complete strangers into its affections.

Contrary to their history as fierce bull fighters, today’s Staffies are amazingly sweet, mellow, and affectionate. They are perfectly suited for families with children of all ages. So much so that they are often called “nanny dogs”. Contrary to several other bully breeds, Staffordshire Bull Terriers also are friendly towards other dogs.

Without a doubt, the Staffy’s typical bully breed-like looks - compact and muscle-packed - is the most menacing feature about them: People have come to fear dogs whose built reminds them of the Pitbull – who, unfortunately, has gained the reputation of being a naturally aggressive, and, therefore, very dangerous dog.

Number 5 – The American Bully

What we just said about the Staffordshire Bull Terrier even more applies to its cousin, the American Bully: This breed’s most distinct feature is no doubt its fearsome, aggressive looks. BUT, just like the Staffy, the American Bully is an absolute sweetheart who forms immensely deep bonds with its owners. But not only that: The Bully is so people-oriented that it will greet every stranger like a long-lost friend.

Few people know that this breed has been developed with the single purpose of creating the perfect family companion: Over the last few decades – and by means of selective breeding – the American Bully has been shaped into a superb companion. Which is why these extremely loving and devoted dogs rank slightly higher than the Staffy in terms of sheer friendliness.

Number 4 – The English Bulldog

The number 4 spot on our list of the TOP 10 friendliest dog breeds goes to the English Bulldog. Just like the Staffy and the American Bully, the English Bulldog originated in the fearsome bull fighting dogs of 19th century England. However, this present-day version of the Old English Bulldog is one of the most laid-back, friendly, and people-loving dogs one could possibly imagine. In fact, their sweet nature and charming character have made them one of America’s TOP 10 favourite dog breeds in 2019.

The English Bulldog easily gets along with everyone – other dogs and household pets included. Despite their slightly grumpy-looking facial expression, Bulldogs are the ultimate people-dogs, and they absolutely need human company to stay healthy and happy. In their natural love for children of any age, they rival even the Newfoundland.

Number 3 – The Pug

Pugs could easily rank higher on our list, because there is not a mean streak in their compact little bodies. In fact, Pugs have so much love to give that they lavishly pour it onto everyone. When it comes to Pugs meeting and greeting strangers on the street, an outside observer would think the dog is greeting a beloved family member.

The affection of these small dogs with the wrinkly faces effortlessly spreads to children, other dogs as well as to other pets. Pugs live to love, and they are more than happy to share that love with everyone they encounter.

Number 2 – The French Bulldog

Now we approach the very top of our list of the world’s friendliest dog breeds – and right here, on the Silver Medal spot, we have the pride and joy of many Hollywood celebrities: The French Bulldog.

This adorable little Bulldog has conquered the hearts of millions. And it is yet another breed on our list that stems from the ancient killer of bulls and bears - the Old English Bulldog! Of course, the “Frenchie”, as so often lovingly called, is as far removed from its violent history as it gets in terms of its gentle character.

There is hardly as a breed on the planet that can rival the French Bulldogs’ love for humans. The small Bulldog with the big heart is known to effortlessly “adopt” their owners’ children, as well as to win the hearts of pretty much everyone who comes to the house.

Even though this trait makes them hopeless in terms of guarding your possessions – with a Frenchie in your house, you are guaranteed to have the most devoted and affectionate canine companion that you can possibly imagine.

Number 1 – The Golden Retriever

And the Gold Medal spot goes to another world-renowned family companion dog, and that is the Golden Retriever.

But, before we say more about this amazing breed, I must admit that my picks for the TOP 3 spots on our list could easily have been reversed, as every single one of these dogs is a TOP-performer in its own right, when it comes to friendliness.

The reason why I personally picked the Golden Retriever for the Gold Medal spot is its astoundingly joyful, happy-go-lucky, nature: It never fails to amaze me how enthusiastic and eager for life these dogs are. It literally takes nothing more than one simple look at them to evoke a joyous tail-wag from a Goldie. Whatever you are planning, they are up for it, whatever you ask of them, they are more than willing to do.

In fact, this extreme eagerness to please their owners is probably what has won them the TOP spot on our list: Whilst both the Pug and the Frenchie can be quite stubborn, the Golden Retriever will do everything in its power to make you happy. Of course, just like the Pug and the Frenchie, the Goldie is immensely sweet and loving towards all life. Which is why it ranked as the third most popular dog breed in the US in 2019.

All these amazing features make the Golden Retriever the TOP pick for our list of the TOP 10 friendliest dog breeds.


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