TOP 10 GUARD DOG Breeds In Germany


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Number 10 – The Hovawart

And we start with a breed that is not all too popular outside of Germany as of yet – the Hovawart. The name of this large, even-tempered working- and guardian breed roughly translates into “guardian of the yard”, which is – you guessed it - what the dog has been bred to be.

In its outer appearance, the Hovawart looks deceivingly docile: With its long, flowing coat that comes in black, gold or black-and-gold, the Hovawart very much resembles the mellow Golden Retriever or the docile Flat Coated Retriever. It does not give the impression of being the courageous and quite capable guardian that it is. Nevertheless, the Hovawart is a versatile and protective working dog as well as an outstanding family companion. These beautiful dogs excel in roles such as guard- and protection dogs, Search & Rescue- as well as tracking dogs.

Number 9 – The Great Dane

And on number 9, we have a breed that some of you might not have expected on our list of today: Few people know that the famous, spectacular and majestic Great Dane is actually a German breed. Today, the Great Dane is the largest dog breed in the world. These giants can reach up to 86 cm at the withers and weigh up to a stunning 90 kg. (That is 34 inches, with a weight of almost 200 pounds). It goes without saying that the intimidation factor of this breed is right up there on similar levels with breeds like the Bullmastiff or the Cane Corso.

However, Great Danes are very gentle giants, who will sound a good loud alarm with their deep, booming voices, but who will not usually outright attack a human entering their property. Their calm and mellow nature is precisely what makes these dogs such popular family companions in many countries of the world.

Number 8 – The Leonberger

The number 8 spot on our list goes to a giant guardian breed of the Mastiff-type who, like the Rottweiler, was named after the city of its origin: the Leonberger.

This massive dog with the long, lush coat and the bear-like appearance is actually a mix of three other breeds: The Saint Bernhard, the Newfoundland and the Great Pyrenees. It is said that the Leonberger was created to resemble the lion in the city’s own coat of arms.

But be that as it may, Leonbergers are brave, loyal, courageous and very confident guardians. At the same time, they are amazingly gentle towards their family and, especially, towards children. In all likelihood, we have the Newfoundland to thank for the Leonberger’s patient and loving nature.

Number 7 – The Weimaraner

And at number 7, we have the Weimaraner. Albeit a hunting breed by tradition, Weimaraners makes amazing guardians: Their extremely keen senses allow them to detect anything out of the ordinary that might be going on outside of the house. This natural alertness goes hand in hand with their tendency to be very vocal. Both combined make for an excellent watchdog with an impressive loud, booming voice – and with more than enough size to back up that voice: Weimaraners can reach heights of almost 70 cm at the withers – which is around 28 inches.

Weimaraners are stunning dogs to look at in every regard – large, athletic and with a beautiful, short silver-grey coat. Originally bred for hunting large game such as deer, wild boar and even bear, this amazing breed has become popular far beyond its country of origin. The Weimaraner is a high-level hunting companion and can make a wonderful addition to the household – however, due to its extremely high working- and prey drive, this breed is predominantly suited for the experienced dog handler or hunter.

Number 6 – The German Spitz

Our number 6 spot is taken by a breed that is not commonly recognized as originating in Germany. And yet – the German Spitz has a long history as watch- and guard dog in its native country. Adult males can reach up to 46 cm and weigh almost 30 kilos – which translates to 18 inches in height and 66 pounds in weight.

The Spitz is one of Germany’s oldest native breeds and used to be the guardian breed of choice for farms in rural Germany: Equipped with keen guarding instincts and a loud, penetrating voice, this dog is a very reliable watch- and guard dog.

Even though the Spitz is very wary of strangers and fierce in its guarding behaviour, this beautiful dog makes a loving and loyal family companion – friendly, fun-loving and very fond of children. As an added benefit, the fluffy coat of this ancient German breed is surprisingly easy to groom.

Number 5 – The Giant Schnauzer

This brings us to the halfway mark of today’s list of the TOP 10 most popular German guardian breeds. At this point, things are getting even more interesting. And right here at number 5, we have one of the largest guard dog breeds on the planet: the Giant Schnauzer. As its name indicates, this dog is huge: Adult males can easily stand 70 cm at the withers – which is around 28 inches - and weigh up to 50 kg – which translates to 110 pounds. Due to their impressive size, predominantly jet black colour and stern facial expression, Giant Schnauzers have an excellent intimidation factor.

This breed is gaining international popularity as we speak – and with good reason: These powerful and athletic dogs will defend their owners with their lives. Giant Schnauzers are extremely loyal, but they must be provided with thorough training and socialisation from an early age onward.

Even though they are independent and dominant by nature, these giants are superb working and guard dogs - highly intelligent and driven. Under the leadership of an experienced handler, they can reach high levels of obedience, tracking and guard dog work. It is precisely their strong character that makes Giant Schnauzers an excellent choice for experienced owners.

Number 4 – The Doberman

Right here at number 4 - ever so narrowly missing our TOP 3 picks -, we have the Doberman. Without any doubt, the Doberman is one of the best guardian- and personal protection dog breeds around – fiercely loyal and more than capable of protecting its owners and home from any danger.

This breed is named after its creator, the German tax collector Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann. Around the year 1890, Mr. Dobermann, who also ran the local dog shelter, started combining several breeds in order to create the ultimate guardian: A dog who would defend its owner without hesitation, if necessary. For this purpose, the tax collector combined strong and naturally aggressive breeds – such as the Rottweiler – with larger and more docile dogs, like the Great Dane and the English Greyhound. And Mr. Doberman was vastly successful: The beautiful, large breed he created is both a devoted guardian and an affectionate companion who forms extraordinarily deep bonds with its owner.

Dog-enthusiasts all over the world adore the Doberman. And not only because of its amazingly strong protective instincts, but also because Dobies are a sheer joy to live with: Calm and quiet in a home environment, these dogs are so attached to their owners that they are sometimes called “Velcro-dogs”. When exercised enough, these noble guardians

can even be kept in apartments.

Number 3 – The Rottweiler

And now, we come to the 3 absolute TOP candidates for the title “most favourite guardian breed from Germany”. Right here, on the Bronze Medal spot, we have a breed that many of you might have expected on the number 1 spot: the world-famous, wonderful, powerful Rottweiler.

Number 2 – The Boxer

So, let’s see who has made it to the Silver Medal spot of today’s list of the TOP 10 most popular guard dogs from Germany. And right here, we have a beautiful, athletic dog whose ancestors were no other than the feared and revered Molossus Hounds of ancient Greece – the Boxer.

This muscle-packed and yet very agile breed has won the hearts of dog lovers the world over. And not only because of its excellent guarding abilities, but also because of its amazing gentleness as companion dog. Unless provoked, the Boxer is very friendly towards humans and other dogs.

The German Boxer is a medium- to large working breed whose main distinguishing feature is its characteristic rounded head with the rather flat face and short muzzle. This breed was created with the vision of a strong, yet agile hunting companion for large game, such as wild boar, deer and bear. Soon, the enthusiastic breeders who developed the boxer were rewarded by a dog who surpassed even their high expectations. And today’s Boxers are extremely versatile working- dogs as well as agile sports dogs. These energetic and playful guardians make superb family companions, as they are very patient and friendly towards children.

Number 1 – The German Shepherd

And here we are, at the very top of today’s list of the TOP 10 most popular guard dog breeds from Germany. And the Gold Medal spot goes to one of the most popular and versatile working- and guardian breeds on the planet. We are talking about the amazing, wonderful German Shepherd.

Without a doubt, the German Shepherd is the most well-known working- and guardian breed that Germany has to offer. Back in the late 1900’s, the famous dog breeder Max von Stephanitz started his quest of creating the perfect herding dog for sheep out of the local canine population of Southern Germany. The sheepdog of his dreams would be a healthy, strong, and robust worker, willing and able to trot for hours. Von Stephanitz created all that and more, because the German Shepherd has long since surpassed its original role.

Today, Germany’s most popular guardian dog is used in many different fields, including police service, search and rescue, canine sports, and, last but not least, sheepherding. German Shepherds are superb natural guardians as well as loyal, active companions.


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