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Top 10 GUARD DOG Breeds in the USA copy

Top 10 GUARD DOG Breeds in the USA copy


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Number 10 – The Golden Retriever

And right here at number 10, we have perhaps the most striking-looking dog amongst all the Retriever breeds: the beautiful Golden Retriever. Now, seeing this loving, gentle and very mellow family companion here on our list at all may surprise you - as this breed is not usually regarded as overly active.

However, the Golden Retriever is a large and athletic dog who absolutely loves to move around, to work and to play: Due to their history as hunting companions in Scotland, they are quite used to spending many hours in the field together with their owners, the hunters. Even today, Golden Retriever need quite a bit of exercise to keep them happy and well-balanced.

If they do not get this, they can turn very vocal and destructive in the house.

Number 9 – The Labrador Retriever

Very similar to the Golden Retriever, the Labrador is a working dog by design. Especially Labradors who stem from dedicated working lines absolutely require lots of training, walks and play to remain calm in the house for the rest of the day. Despite their reputation as being docile, peaceful, and friendly to humans and animals, Labradors can become destructive – and even aggressive – when not educated and exercised properly.

Being a dedicated, high energy working breed, the Labrador is happiest when given a task to work on – such as obedience and tracking work or retrieving toys on land and in the water. Alternatively, you can invest in smart toys for your dog, such as puzzle toys, treat dispensing balls or Kong toys filled with peanut butter.

As long as Labradors are exercised well both physically and mentally, they are indeed one of the best and most versatile active canine companions in the world.

Number 8 – The German Shepherd

Talking about versatile active canine companions – our next candidate on the number 8 spot is another dog who tends to be even more energetic than the Labrador: the German Shepherd. Apart from being a very capable natural guardian, this large dog comes with a high level of energy. Its eagerness to work and keen prey drive rival, or even surpass, that of the Labrador Retriever – this especially applies for working line German Shepherds.

What German Shepherds, Golden and Labrador Retrievers have in common is their immense eagerness to please their owners – which makes working with them a pleasure. All of these dogs are wonderful active companions who will be more than happy to accompany you on long outings. That said, the German Shepherd trumps the Retrievers in terms of endurance - these athletic dogs can trot for hours on end - which was precisely what they had been designed to do by their creator, Max von Stephanitz.

Number 7 – The German Shorthaired Pointer

And at number 7 on our list of the TOP 10 most energetic dog breeds, we have the German Shorthaired Pointer. As one of the most effective multi-purpose hunting breeds on the planet, the German Shorthaired combines high levels of intelligence and trainability. This versatile and extremely agile working dog has been created to assist hunters both on land and in the water.

German Shorthaired Pointers are medium- to large dogs who are absolutely beautiful to look at: athletic and yet elegant, these untiring hunting companions are very high-energy dogs who require vigorous exercise on a daily basis. Because they are immensely fond of their favourite humans and form strong emotional bonds with them, German Shorthaired Pointers should not be kept outside, but be allowed to share the home with their owners.

Number 6 – The Beagle

Our number 6 spot goes to yet another hunting dog who is more or less on par with the German Shorthaired Pointer when it comes to prey-drive and eagerness to work. However, in terms of energy levels, this beautiful, medium-sized English breed may even surpass the pointer. We are speaking about one of the best rabbit-dogs in the world, the Beagle.

Born to work well in packs during the hunt, Beagles are extremely social and friendly dogs. They usually get along wonderfully with people and other canines. Which makes them a great choice as second dogs – for example, if you have a rather low energy dog in your household and you want to add a very unproblematic and energetic breed. Your Beagle will quite happily accompany you on almost any outdoor activity you might pursue.

As an added bonus, Beagles make excellent watchdogs whose keen senses will unfailingly alert them should there be anything out of the ordinary going on outside of your home.

Number 5 – The Yorkshire Terrier

Size and outer appearance can be deceiving when it comes to being a high energy dog breed – as our next candidate proves: On our number 5 spot, we have the Yorkshire Terrier, a toy size companion dog. And whilst these dogs can make excellent pets when socialised and trained accordingly, they have been bred as so-called “ratters” – which means their role was to kill rats who were not much smaller than the dogs themselves. A task which required enormous amounts of prey drive and courage from the little hunters.

This is why many Yorkshire Terriers of today come with high energy levels and a pronounced prey drive. Despite their size, Yorkies can appear almost hyperactive at times, which makes them seemingly untiring canine companions. So, if you are looking for a calm and low-maintenance toy breed – beware of the Yorkie!

Number 4 – The Australian Cattle Dog

On our number 4 spot, we have a breed so similar to our TOP 3 pick that it was difficult to give one the higher spot on the list than the other. This beautiful and immensely energetic breed is a herding dog for cattle in Australia – hence its name. The Australian Cattle Dog is an absolutely stunning dog was bred for the purpose of driving cattle across long distances and in rough terrain. For this task, Australian ranchers required a strong, athletic dog with extremely high levels of working drive and endurance.

The Australian Cattle Dog absolutely loves to work. So much so that they can go from lying down sleeping in a corner to 100% awake and ready to go in the blink of an eye. These high level athletes are one of the most keen, energetic and driven working breeds on the planet.

Number 3 – The Border Collie

And here we are, at the TOP 3 positions on our list of the TOP 10 high energy dog breeds in the world. The Bronze Medal goes to a dog native to the United Kingdom – more precisely, to the county of Northumberland, situated at the border between England and Scotland.

Bred as a highly effective sheep herding dog, the Border Collie is extremely energetic and playful. Which makes it an amazing, fun companion for active dog lovers – and dog trainers, for that matter.


Number 2 – The Jack Russell Terrier

Now, here we are at our second position on the pedestal – the prestigious Silver Medal Spot. Let’s see who has managed to conquer the second top spot among the TOP 10 high energy dog breeds of the canine world.

The dog we have picked for this position may surprise you, as small size and adorable looks can be deceiving. We are speaking about the courageous, famous, and fearless Jack Russell Terrier. These little canines are amazingly bold, high energy working dogs and were originally bred in England, for the purpose of bolting foxes and badgers from their dens.

The extremely lively and independent little dog has not lost any of its tenacity over the centuries and can get quite aggressive towards humans and animals. The Jack Russell has a mind of its own and, due to its immensely energetic nature, is actually not the best choice for an apartment dog. On the plus side, in the Jack Russell Terrier, you are guaranteed to have a fun companion by your side who is always up for a good, vigorous play session – or for an adventure in the great outdoors.

Number 1 – The Belgian Malinois

And now, we come to the absolute top-spot on our list of extremely high energy canines. The Gold Medal goes to one of THE best working dog breeds on the planet, who – in terms of intelligence and trainability – may even surpass the famous Border Collie. When it comes to energy levels and high working drive, the breed that we picked for the gold medal spot might even trump the tireless Border Collie. We are talking about the most versatile working breed on the planet – the Belgian Malinois.

Malis make excellent service- and guard dogs who seem to live to work. They alertness and prey drive are next level. This makes them the perfect fit for experienced dog handlers keen on training high level sports dogs like the Malinois: This breed’s willingness to work and learn new commands is through the roof, and makes training them a dream. Of course, for the very same reason, Malis are not suited for apartment living or for owners who want a calm, low-maintenance canine companion.


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