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Number 10 – The Staffordshire Bull Terrier And we start today’s list off with the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who is an incredible family companion. Staffies are absolutely amazing with children, so much so that they are also known as “Nanny Dogs”. But these kind-hearted canines not only love children – their big hearts encompass pretty much all humans. Which does not make them the best guard dogs on the planet. But luckily, their impressive appearance usually will discourage any potential burglars: Compact and muscular, Staffordshire Bull Terriers look very much like American Pitbull Terriers, who have a wide-spread reputation for being potentially dangerous.  Number 9 – The English Bulldog Our number 9 spot goes to another bully breed that looks quite intimidating, but is an absolute sweetheart towards its loved ones: The English Bulldog is extremely patient with children of any age. However, being a bull-fighter by origin, this dog still is quite able to jump into action and defend the home and its owners, should it feel the need. But mostly, these adorable canine couch potatoes will be quite happy to curl up on a cosy spot and snore the day away.  Number 8 – The Newfoundland And on the number 8 spot of our list of the TOP 10 guardian breeds for families, we have the glorious Newfoundland. A mastiff-type giant breed, the Newfoundland comes with a long, dense and usually midnight-black coat. These dogs look quite imposing and they are very protective of the children in their care. When it comes to being loving, affectionate and gentle with little humans, they are almost unparalleled in the dog world. Imagine the joy of growing up with such a super-sized teddy bear as your best friend and protector! Number 7 – The Leonberger Everything we just said about the Newfoundland also applies to the Leonberger, but this shaggy, golden-coloured giant is the better guardian of the two: Leonbergers are a combination of Newfoundlands, Saint Bernards and Great Pyrenees. And it is the genes of those white Pyrenees dogs that give the Leonberger its added edge when it comes to protecting their own. Like both the Newfoundland and the Saint Bernard, the Leonberger is great with children and makes a marvellous family guardian. Number 6 – The Great Dane The largest breed on planet Earth is also one of the best family guardians: Great Danes are immensely devoted to their owners, and their gentleness towards children is a joy to behold. These dogs will patiently watch over toddlers crawling all over them, and they are quite protective of “their” little humans. Calm and usually quite well-mannered, Great Danes make amazing housedogs and wonderful family guardians.   Number 5 – The Airedale Terrier On our number 5 spot, we have the “King of all Terriers” – the awesome Airedale. This majestic Terrier takes guarding duties very seriously, and is an excellent sports- and police service dog. But at the same time, the breed is extremely calm in the home and affectionate towards its family. For Terriers, Airedales are surprisingly patient, and they make wonderful, loving companions and playmates for children. Number 4 – The XL American Bully Here on the number 4 position, we have a relatively young designer breed that looks almost exactly like the American Pit Bull Terrier. But the American Bully has been created specifically to be the “best family companion in the world”. And this stocky, athletic, muscle-package of a dog certainly fits the bill – even though it does not look like it. An extra-large American Bully is about as likely to bite a burglar, as a burglar is likely to enter a home with an XL Bully behind its fence. These dogs are veritable love-bundles and are extremely affectionate. So much so that they will happily embrace any children present in the household, along with all of their playmates: American Bullies are amazing best friends for kids! Number 3 – The Cane Corso And here we are, at the TOP 3 positions on our list of the TOP 10 guardian breeds with children. If you have been following this channel for a while, you will be quite familiar with my personal love for large, powerful breeds such as Mastiffs. And the winner of the Bronze Medal is an Italian Mastiff, and one of the best family guardians in the world – the Cane Corso. These majestic giants are extremely devoted to their family and absolutely love children. The emotional bonds these highly protective dogs from with their owners are next-level. And the only danger really lies in the dog trying to protect “its” children from perceived harm – which is why early socialisation is so important with this wonderful breed Number 2 – The English Mastiff And right here on the Silver Medal spot, we have another Mastiff breed famous for its devotion to children – the English Mastiff. Laid-back and very low in energy levels, these giant protectors are much less likely to jump into action than the Cane Corso. They absolutely will rise to the occasion if guarding is indeed needed. But they are less likely to “overdo it” and mis-interpret situations like your child’s playmates coming over and roughhousing with your kid. I personally believe that English Mastiffs are the world-best guardian breed for children – with the exception of my number 1 pick: Number 1 – The Bullmastiff Now, we have reached the pinnacle of excellence when it comes to being the best family guardian breed.  And my personal TOP candidate for the Gold Medal is the Bullmastiff. As I can attest from personal experience with my own Bullmastiff, these dogs are unparalleled in their brilliance as family guardians: They naturally embrace new-born children into their affections, and are extremely loving, sweet and gentle towards them.  Bullmastiffs can be seen sleeping in front of the nursery, or putting themselves between “their” child and strangers.

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