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Number 10 – The American Pitbull Terrier Given the reputation of the Pitbull as “most dangerous dog on the planet”, finding it on today’s list is hardly a surprise. After all, American Pitbull Terriers can cause a lot of harm, simply because they are far stronger than the average dog, and their bite-power is mind-boggling: Muscle-packed and almost impervious to pain in battle, Pitbulls are a force to be reckoned with. However, these beautiful, athletic dogs can make quite sweet and affectionate family companions, when guided by a high-level canine leader. Number 9 – The Rottweiler Our number 9 spot goes to yet another incredibly powerful breed whose reputation equals that of the Pitbull – the Rottweiler. With its dark colouring and its stocky built, this large dog rarely fails to instil fear in people - especially when they find themselves on the opposite side of the fence from a Rottie. Of course, the television industry does nothing to alleviate that apprehension: In movies and shows, Rottweilers are usually portrayed as the ferocious guardians of villas and estates. Or as merciless attack dogs, launching themselves at people with all their might. Which is considerable, as Rotties can easily weigh up to 60 kilos. Number 8 – The Spanish Mastiff And on the number 8 spot of our list of the TOP 10 intimidating dog breeds, we have the Spanish Mastiff. This imposing heavy-weight of a dog makes the fearsome Rottweiler look small. And with its enormous, muscular bulk, big, blocky head and large jowls, this giant looks somewhat like a beast out of a scary movie. But in this case, appearances can be deceiving. Because whilst the Spanish Mastiff is an excellent livestock- and farm guardian, this dog is very gentle towards its family and every animal in its care. Which is why the Spaniards love this breed so much. Number 7 – The Presa Canario  And at number 7 on our list of the TOP 10 intimidating breeds, we have another Spanish dog - albeit one that does not appear quite as menacing as the Spanish Mastiff. But, as we just said: Appearances can be deceiving. And the Presa Canario is far more potentially dangerous to humans and animals than the relatively docile Mastiff. After all, Presas have been bred specifically to solve the problem of predators regularly decimating the flocks of Canarian farmers. And they have the power and the will to kill any other dog venturing on their property. Also, these extremely athletic and fast catch dogs can seriously injure or even kill humans, should they deem them a danger.  Number 6 – The Boerboel The South African Mastiff, also known as the Boerboel – which means “farmer’s dog” in Afrikaans can easily weigh around 80 kilos. This absolutely massive giant is more than capable of taking down any intruder. And to this day, Boerboels are defending African farms against the numerous large and lethal predators native to the country.  However, Boerboels are not overtly aggressive to humans or other dogs, and can make great companions in the hands of an experienced owner. Number 5 – The Bandog Here on the number 5 position, we have a breed that is a cross between the American Pit Bull Terrier and various Mastiff breeds. The goal of creating this breed in the late 1960s was to have a Mastiff-sized dog who would come with the immense prey drive of the Pitbull. It almost goes without saying that Bandogs excel in sleeve-work and in various protection roles. They definitely look intimidating, and many of them are difficult to control. Bandogs absolutely belong in the care of an owner who is experienced with training large, powerful guardian breeds. Number 4 – The Caucasian Shepherd Caucasian Shepherds are truly one of the most intimidating dog breeds out there – both in appearance and in levels of potential deadliness: Bred to protect flocks of sheep in the harsh climate of the Caucasian Mountains, these dogs have no trouble at all fending off bears, and even killing wolves. Working together in packs, these most powerful of all livestock guardian breeds on Earth are nearly invincible. But even one of them by itself can easily kill another dog -, or any human bold enough to threaten the people or animals in the Caucasian Shepherd’s care. Number 3 – The Wolfdog And our candidate right here on the Bronze Medal spot is the fascinating Wolfdog. Perhaps, there is a genetic conditioning deeply ingrained in us humans to be afraid of wolves. Because hardly a person – myself included – will be able to stay unmoved by the sight of a wolf. Or of a wolf look-alike such as the Wolfdog. There are various different kinds of wolf hybrids that people have created over several generations, and they all look absolutely stunning. And quite intimidating to the majority of people. Their unique genetic structure makes Wolfdogs quite unpredictable: In some situations, they react like a wolf and in others like a domesticated dog. What is common to all Wolfdog breeds is their extremely high prey drive. Which probably was the reason behind the attacks on small children that have occurred over the years. Therefore, Wolfdogs not only look dangerous, but they can be lethal – unless carefully raised and trained by an expert in the field. Number 2 – The XL American Bully And right here on the Silver Medal spot, we have another breed that looks absolutely deadly and unforgiving: The XL American Bully closely resembles an extraordinarily large American Pitbull Terrier. And with their massive heads, wide, powerful jaws and very visible muscles, they certainly look ferocious. Which is why this relatively young designer-breed has won our Silver Medal. BUT – in this case, appearances are QUITE deceiving. Because believe it or not: American Bullies have been bred to be the best family companions in the world. And they truly are absolutely sweethearts. Not only to their families, but to all humans they encounter: To them, a stranger is just another friend they have yet to meet and greet.  Number 1 – The Cane Corso We have made it to the very top of our list – and the Gold Medal candidate, the amazing winner of the title “Most intimidating Dog on the Planet” is an Italian Mastiff breed: The wonderful, incredible Cane Corso. Especially the American variety of the breed: In the United States, these dogs can weigh around 80 kilos and easily measure 70 cm at the wither. They are densely packed with muscles from neck to tail. Often jet black in colour, these giants come with massive, blocky heads, cropped ears and docked tails. These US-bred Cane Corsos are not something you would want to encounter in a dark alleyway – or in a misty forest: There is just something about those midnight-black, massive Mastiffs that reminds us of Horror movies. However, towards their owners, Cane Corsos are amazingly affectionate and sweet. Scary as they look and effective as they are as guardians, hardly any other dog breed forms such close emotional bonds with its human loved ones.

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