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Number 10 – The Labrador Given the popularity of the Labrador, finding it on today’s list is hardly a surprise. After all, this wonderful Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in existence today: Smart, highly trainable and extremely adaptable, the Labrador makes a quite wonderful family companion. Quick to learn new tasks and ever eager to please its owner, this friendly, easy-going Retriever is a great choice for active people who love the great outdoors. Number 9 – The Great Dane Our number 9 spot goes to the amazing Great Dane - the largest breed in the world. And yet, these athletic dogs are very gentle giants who excel in companion roles. Great Danes are sweet and affectionate, both with people and with other animals. An added benefit of this stunning breed is their watchful nature and their high intimidation factor: Whilst more daring potential burglars might have trouble respecting a Labrador behind a fence, they will not want to risk their luck with a massive, imposing Great Dane! Number 8 – The Golden Retriever And on the number 8 spot of our list of the TOP 10 mellow dogs, we have one of the most popular breeds in existence today: the beautiful Golden Retriever. Extremely social and friendly towards people, these dogs make marvellous companions who are great with children. Bright, cheerful and eager for life, Golden Retrievers are wonderful dogs to have around. Their natural knack for retrieving objects and for swimming makes them particularly fun active companions and playmates for children. Number 7 – The Newfoundland And at number 7 on our list of the TOP 10 mellow dog breeds, we have a giant dog who looks fairly intimidating, but has an extremely well-balanced and gentle nature: The Newfoundland was bred to retrieve fisher nets and save people from drowning in the cold oceans off the shores of Canada. Believe it or not, the Newfoundland is one of the ancestors of today’s Labrador! But when it comes to its calm, settled character and its tell-tale love for children, this shaggy giant surpasses even the popular Labrador.  Number 6 – The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel If large and giant breeds are not for you, and you are looking to get a sweet and affectionate small dog, then consider the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel! Among all the small breeds popular today, this is one of the most friendly and easy-going ones: Spaniels lack the Terrier’s tenacity, the small Bulldog-type breed’s stubbornness and the Chihuahua’s highly energetic nature. Which makes the Cavalier King Charles the ideal pick for senior owners, as well as for people looking for a calm canine companion. Number 5 – The Italian Greyhound On our number 5 spot, we have the smallest Sighthound breed in the world: the beautiful, elegant and light-footed Italian Greyhound. These middle-sized sprinters look like miniature versions of the English Greyhound, and they are every bit as mellow and affectionate towards people. These kind-hearted little hounds used to be the companions of choice for Italian noblewomen in the Middle Ages.  Number 4 – The Podenco Canario And on the number 4 spot, we have another stunning Sighthound – albeit not from Italy, but from the Canary Islands: The Podenco Canario, who to this day is utilized for hunting rabbits and other small quarry in the rugged mountains of the Canaries. However, these medium to large sized dogs also make absolutely amazing companions: Gentle, sociable and very loving, these loyal dogs form close bonds with their owners. They rarely show aggression and are very patient with young children. Number 3 – The Pekinese And here we are, at the TOP 3 positions on our list of the TOP 10 mellow dog breeds in the world. The Bronze Medal goes to a particularly easy-going dog who has more than earned its place on the podium: We are talking about the sweet, friendly and extremely social Pekinese. This mellow companion with its long, luxurious coat comes in a small size, but has a heart large enough to embrace all people and pets in the household.  Number 2 – The German Shorthaired Pointer And right here on the Silver Medal spot, we have a beautiful, elegant gundog from Germany, the German Shorthaired Pointer. And whilst this dog is best suited for very active owners – and families! – who love the great outdoors, you could not wish for a more affectionate companion. In their zest for exploration and their infectious enthusiasm, they rival the happy-go-lucky Golden Retriever. But when it comes to forming extraordinarily deep emotional bonds with their favourite humans – and being attached to them -, they surpass even the Golden Retriever. Number 1 – The Pug Now, we have reached the pinnacle of excellence in the world of mellow canine companions.  And there could be no better candidate for our Gold Medal Spot than the immensely kind, even-tempered and entertaining Pug: Extremely social and loving, Pugs are among the most adorable toy breeds on the planet. Funny and entertaining, they are absolute sweethearts. Pugs are very laid-back and love to please their owners. Not only do they get along with everyone – they seem to LOVE everyone, other dogs included: Pugs have a tendency to greet even complete strangers like long-lost friends. These are fantastic companion dogs, and a wonderful choice for novice owners.

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