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DALMATIAN! 5 Incredible Facts About The DALMATIAN

DALMATIAN! 5 Incredible Facts About The DALMATIAN


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The first fact about these stunning dogs is that Dalmation puppies are actually born with no spots! The puppies are born with completely white fur and their spots develop as they grow older. Usually the pup’s signature spots began to show at around 2 to 3 weeks old and, generally, once they reach 4 weeks, most of their spots will be present. However, this isn’t the end of the spot development, as they continue to slowly develop as the dog grows throughout the rest of their life.  Whilst this may be the more common occurrence, some puppies have been known to be born with patches. These patches are solid, dense areas of black or liver-coloured hair with no white hair. A Dalmation that has patches is not desirable for the show ring compared to one that is purely spotted, but this definitely does not stop them from being the perfect companion.  Leading on from our first fact, fact number two is that each individual Dalmation has unique spots. Just like our fingerprints or like the diversity in snowflakes, Dalmation’s spots are one of a kind to each pup. The most common colour for the spots to be is either black or liver-coloured on a white coat, but there are different variations including pups with brindle, blue, orange or lemon spots. Their spots cover their entire body, sometimes even in their mouth! Dalmation’s coats are dirt-repellent, so even if your pup decides to roll around in the biggest muddy puddle, you can be sure that they will still dry to a brilliant shine. They do shed year-round so by brushing them weekly in order to reduce how much hair is in your home.  Our third fact today is that the origins of the Dalmation breed itself are unknown… There is a lot of mystery, like I mentioned at the beginning of this video, regarding where this incredible breed first originated from. Some people believe they travelled with Romani people who, historically, are nomadic. However, othe people the Dalmation breed was named after a region in Croatia called Dalmatia. There is so much mystery surrounding this breed’s history, especially as spotted dogs have been found painted on the walls of Egyptian tombs depicted running alongside chariots, so it is assumed that they have been around for a very long time. Fact number four – Dalmations are the only breed that was bred to be a coach dog.  They were bred and trained to run alongside carriages in order to protect the horses from stray dogs and to keep the horses calm. As coach dogs, they would also act as a guard dog through providing security whenever the coaches stopped and would alert the driver of any incoming dangers. Since the year of 1950, this impressive breed has served as a mascot and a companion to the Budweiser Clysedale team which are a group of Clysedale horses used as a form of promotion and in commercials by the brewing company, Budweiser. The Dalmations would act as guard dogs to the wagon and, also, to the team of horses when the driver went inside to make delivers, but these days the dogs can be found sat on the wagon next to the driver. As well as serving as coach dogs, Dalmations were used in many other fields including hunting, fire service, circuses, herding and ratting due to their high intelligence and athletic abilities. All these jobs involved running for miles which explains their remarkable amount of energy; these pups definitely need a lot of exercise each day to prevent any behavioural problems developing. They have been known to be extremely good competitors in canine sports like agility and flyball.  Now, for our fifth and final fact today, Dalmations became increasingly more popular after the famous Disney Pixar movie ‘101 Dalmations’.  Just like in the movie this breed is very charming with its playful personality going from goofy to bold in a matter of seconds. However, there was a major downside to this increase in popularity, as after the movie was released, lots of people went out and bought a Dalmation puppy without actually doing the proper research about this high energy breed. This resulted in many dog shelters being filled with Dalmations after their owners came to the realisation of the responsibility that comes with having an energetic pup that needs and deserves a lot of attention and determination in training.  As with training most dogs, especially those that are high energy, it is a process of hard work, determination, and can also take a bit longer than you may expect. Dalmations specifically need you to put the effort in as they are highly energetic, playful and sensitive pups so training them isn’t for everyone. However, due to their high intelligence they can be extremely well trained and make perfect pups for the family.

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