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Perfect Puppy Course. Your step by step guide to raising a perfect canine companion and becoming a calm and consistent leader, to get it right first time round. 

Canine Boot Camp. Your one month program to becoming a high level canine leader, restructuring your relationship with your dog and addressing problem behaviours.

Most Common Behavior Problems: One of the most common behavioral problems that can develop with bad leadership is aggression. Dachshunds are small, but they are brave, as they were bred to hunt badgers. Badgers. One of the most aggressive animals on the planet. So, it is depressing that these little dogs can sometimes become the victim of insecurities, leading to such issues.  Another common issue with this breed is they can develop excessive barking. This can come from various things: insecurity, boredom, lack of exercise, and separation anxiety- which is another issue this valiant breed can wrestle with.  Chewing and other destructive behaviors can be another biggie with these guys. They are independent thinkers that need activity, mental stimulation, activity, and companionship. Going without can lead to some serious destruction of their owner's stuff as they attempt to find their solution. Possible Downsides and Known Temperament issues: Every breed among the canine kingdom is different, and while some traits are really great for some people, or they don't mind them. For others, they can be an issue. So, let's take a moment to discuss some of the things that might be seen as a downside with the Dachshund.  First off, they are intelligent, independent, and stubborn. Remember the badgers? These little guys were created and refined to dig down into a badger hole and finish off the bad-tempered occupant completely solo. This took incredibly tenacity and self-reliance to achieve. The downside to this is that all of these things combined can make the Dachshund a little harder to train. Including potty training.  Even if they aren't doing it excessively, this breed is still a vocal one. During their working days, they need a way to communicate with their human partner, who was waiting for the topside. So, they are going to bark and alert to anything suspicious. Even if you can train to reduce it, some barking just goes along with owning this breed. When getting any dog research into a good rescue or breeder is necessary to ensure you are getting an individual with a stable temperament. According to the American Temperament Testing Association, the Dachshund is across the board with different coat types, and minutes of the breed all receiving varying ratings. The regular size, standard coat of the breed, has the worst rating at 69.4% and the best being the miniature long-haired Dachshund at 91.2%.  The most common temperament problems with the breed tend to be aggression, nervousness, and overreacting to visual and auditory stimulation.  While this breed is supposed to be brave and scrappy, they should not be blindly aggressive or snappy without provocation. Given the origins of this breed, it is also easy to see how a nervous disposition wouldn't have been something that would have been favorable. With correct temperament and a high-level canine leader:  Now that all of the icky stuff is out of the way. Let's talk about what a Dachshund is like when it has a solid temperament and some help from a high-level canine leader.  This breed is an endearing one. They bond tightly with their humans, and as much as they enjoy being with their people, they are equally as pleasant to be around. They like to be in their owner's company and have so much unconditional love to give.  The breed makes a good watchdog. Because of their instincts to communicate and alert, they will always let you know if someone is at the door, stranger or not. Or if they hear something strange, that might require your attention. Whatever it is, you can be sure a Dachshund has an ear out for you.  They do well with children, given they are respected. If children in the household are taught to treat them properly, they will be loveable and willing to follow the kids around the house, cuddle with them and enjoy some mutual playtime.  The Dachshund is one of those breeds that is right in the middle for exercise requirements. They will enjoy a daily walk but probably won't be too demanding outside of that. And once they are fulfilled, they will be happy to accompany you with whatever you are doing.  This breed is a loyal one. Whatever you are doing, they are game and would love to be in your company. This breed can also be great with other pets. They get on pretty well with other dogs, especially other Dachshunds. They also tend to well with other animals, even despite being a hunting dog as long as they get proper socialization and introductions. 

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