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Dachshund Vs Cockerpoo Appearance: The Dachshund is a small hound-type dog. They can stand up to 9 inches tall and weigh up to 32 pounds. They have long silky ears, and elegant tapered muzzle, and their torsos are long and stretched out. We all know the nicknames this breed has earned thanks to this trait. Dachshunds can come in a stock coat, long hair, and wired haired which can come in solid colors, dapples, piebalds, brindles, or with tan points. The Cockerpoo looks more like the poodle it is bred with as opposed to the Cocker Spaniel. They have long floppy ears and usually have the high forehead of the Cocker. They have that poodle-like fur that can come in curly or straight that can come in any color that a Cocker or Poodle does. They can stand up to 19 inches tall and weigh up to 10 pounds. Dachshund Vs Cockerpoo Exercise Requirements And Grooming Requirements: These two breeds are pretty evenly matched in the exercise department. Either would be happy with a nice walk or a play session in the back yard. The Doxie needs someone to keep an eye on it as they can easily hurt their fragile backs, and any jumping should not be encouraged. For grooming, the Cockerpoo is pretty easy, but you will need a groomer or to learn how to handle a pair of trimmers. They don't shed a lot, if at all. They do need to be brushed frequently to make sure their fur does not get matted. The Doxie ranges from easy to difficult, depending on the coat type. With the smooth coat being the easiest, the long coat is in the middle, and the wirehair being the hardest. If you want an in-depth guide on grooming for all three of the coat types- check out our Dachshund grooming deep-dive video on this channel.   Dachshund Vs Cockerpoo Temperament and social needs: As we go forward with the rest of the video, it will be with the assumption that the dog has been given proper socialization and training from a young age. It will also be assumed that the dog is of correct temperament and disposition for its breed.  The Dachshund was bred as a hunting dog, and they carried out their mission of going into badger holes and fox dens solo, making this breed a little more stubborn and independent. The Cockerpoo, on the other hand, is more of a clingy breed. They are devoted to their people, and you can be sure you will have a little shadow with you no matter where you go. If you were hoping for a guard dog, the Doxie does pretty well at sounding the alarm, but you might want to look elsewhere if you are looking for more than that.  If you are looking for something good with children, both of these breeds can succeed. The Cockerpoo has a sweet, gentle, and playful nature, which makes them a joy for children. The Doxie can be a little more spunky in this regard. Children will need to be educated on how to interact with the Doxie appropriately as some individuals can get a bit snippy and defensive. Where small animals are concerned, the Cockerpoo will fit right in with just about anyone- the resident cat included. The Doxie will need a little extra work to make in this department, and it is often better to bring a Doxie into a home where there are already small animals so they can grow up learning how to interact with them. With other dogs, the Cockerpoo does well, and there are little concerns here as long as they are socialized well. The Doxie usually is good too, and they really enjoy being around other Doxies. However, if the Doxie feels threatened, they tend to forget their size, which is not always the best thing when dealing with large dogs. Dachshund Vs Cockerpoo Trainability: The Cockerpoo is a biddable breed, and this makes them easy to train as they aim to please. But, they might have a little harder time catching on. Just be patient with them. They really want to learn whatever it is you want them too, and they are sensitive. So, getting frustrated really does not help. The Doxie can be harder to train. Like we mentioned earlier, they can be independent and stubborn. They can also have a hard time focusing, especially if they get distracted by an interesting smell. It might take more effort on their canine leader's part to really get them to engage.

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