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Dachshund Vs Cocker Spaniel Appearance: The Dachshund has a figure unlike most other breeds out there, with its torso being incredibly long. This breed was a former hunting hound, and like most hounds, it has long flippy ears. The Doxie can grow up to 9 inches tall and weigh up to 32 pounds. But, there are also miniature Dashchunds, which can be much smaller. The breed comes in three different coat types, short- or stock coat- long-haired and wire-haired.  The Cocker Spaniel is another hunting breed with long floppy ears that are covered in feathery fur. This breed boasts large eyes and a high forward, which gives them a unique profile. The breed comes in one coat type- which is long-haired. The Cocker Spaniel can grow up to 15.5 inches tall and weighs up to 30 pounds.  Dachshund Vs Cocker Spaniel Exercise Requirements And Grooming Requirements: The Doxie and the Cocker Spaniel are pretty equal in terms of the exercise they need. Though, the Spaniel can be more on the playful side and would enjoy a nice play session with one of their family members in the yard. Or a nice quiet walk for bonding time. The Doxie would also be pleased with a walk or backyard play session. For both of these breeds, the most important thing is to make sure they are getting enough exercise to maintain a healthy weight.  Grooming the Doxie is going to be a bit easier. Though the grooming work can vary between coat types- stock coats need to be brushed weekly and only occasionally shed. The Spaniel is a whole other ball game. They don't shed much, but they need to be brushed daily to prevent their fur from matting. The Spaniel also needs to bathe more often as they have sensitive skin and easily develop skin-related issues if they are not appropriately bathed.  Dachshund Vs Cocker Spaniel Life Expectancy And Health: The Dachshund is a little longer-lived than the Spaniel, and their life span tends to be between 12-16 years. The Spaniel averages around 10-14 years for average life expectancy.  There are also some health concerns with each breed. The Doxie has a fragile back, and they should refrain from jumping from high places as this can hurt their spin. Many Doxie owners end up getting steps to accommodate them to get on and off of furniture safely. There are some genetic problems with the Dachshund breed, such as knee issues, eye issues, and heart problems for genetic problems within the breed. The Spaniel's biggest problem is their sensitive skin and their eyes, which are prone to all sorts of diseases. This breed also needs to watch out for hip dysplasia, which can be caused by lousy genetics or environmental factors.  Dachshund Vs Cocker Spaniel Temperament and Social Needs: As we go forward with the rest of the video, it will be with the assumption that the dog has been given proper socialization and training from a young age. It will also be assumed that the dog is of correct temperament and disposition for its breed.  The Doxie is brave, spunky, playful, a bit stubborn, and independent. Even though they are small dogs, they don't seem to realize it and have some big dog attitude. This breed can also make a pretty good watchdog. They aren't capable of stopping a threat, but they will let you know if something is off. The Doxie is also sensitive and can get their feelings hurt easily.  In comparison, the Spaniel is sweet, gentle, happy, playful, and they are people pleasers. They would like nothing more than to be told they did a good job. This breed doesn't really have it in them to be a guard dog. They are friendly with most everyone they meet and would probably prefer to get petted by whoever that strange person is in their house instead of trying to chase them off.   Dachshund Vs Cocker Spaniel Trainability: Between the Doxie and the Spaniel, the Spaniel will be an easier training experience. They love to please and to be praised. As long as you give them good communication on what you want them to do and then a well-deserved pat on the head, they will gladly try to learn whatever it is you are trying to teach them. However, the Spaniel does not do well with hard corrections as they can be sensitive.  The Doxie can be a little stubborn during training. They also have a bad habit of getting too involved with whatever interesting smells are around and trying to follow it, which can distract them. It goes a long way to be interesting when trying to work with Dachshund.  Dachshund Vs Cocker Spaniel Child, Small Animal, and Other Dog Friendliness: When it comes to children, the Spaniel is a bit more predisposed to succeed with them naturally. The Cocker Spaniel is gentle, patient, and playful around children. They would really enjoy themselves running around with kids around the yard and then cuddling with them on the couch when it was time to come inside. The Doxie can be a good fit for kids as well. Though, they might take a little more work to figure out the strange ways of small humans. However, some Doxies can get a little snippy with children if they do not appreciate how they are being treated.  The Spaniel again comes out on top when it comes to dealing with small animals. Even though this breed was to be a hunting dog, they are gentle souls and can learn to coexist with small animals in the house. The Doxie, on the other hand, has a little more prey-drive to contend with. So, they might require a little extra socialization to get them comfortable with small animals and learn how to interact with them properly. With other dogs, Spaniels are outgoing and playful. They can coexist with other dogs in the home or even with canines they don't know. The Dachshund also does well around other dogs, though they can be pretty fond of other Dachshunds. 

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