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A large dog’s mentality in a small dog’s body; that’s one of the things the Dachshund and the Jack Russel Terrier have in common. They are small and practical for apartment living, but have the mentality of much, much larger dogs.

Being hunting dogs as they are, you can count on action from both the Dachshund and the Jack Russel Terrier. They are both fun dogs to be around, being spunky, lively and energetic, curious and friendly towards dogs, although supervision is recommended for safety, especially if the other dogs are or larger breeds. The Dachshund is quite happy with moderate exercise, but due to his long back, please take caution as to how you exercise your dog. The Jack Russel is way more active and needs lots of activity which could consist of long walks, hiking, biking, various canine sports, et cetera.

When it comes to training, the two breeds are quite different. The Dachshund, being a hunting breed, is intelligent but also independent and may require a bit more effort from your part in training. Being as loveable as they are, they work the best with reward-based, positive training – and you also do need to be at least as stubborn as they are to get the result you’re looking for.

The Jack Russel on the other hand, is a fun-loving dog who loves to work. You need humour and creativity to keep their interest up, though – but if and when you do, you have a dog who loves to work, and to perform. Your Jack Russel will always be the clown of the party.

Socialization is needed to a high degree for both these breeds. They are hunting dogs, and should never be let loose outside due to their strong hunting instincts. If you have smaller animals in your home, both the Dachshund and the Jack Russel needs to learn at an early age what is allowed and not, when spending time with these – or you could end up with your dog killing, for example, a chicken or a kitten.

Healthwise, the biggest issue for the Dachshund is their long backs that, if not careful, can be the cause of serious problems. It is recommended that you take care to let your Dachshund build strong muscles to keep that back strong and straight, and not to let him jump up and down on furniture, run up and down the stairs, et cetera.

The Jack Russel on the other hand, have most of their problems with patellar luxuation, eye diseases and deafness.

Both breeds are small; the Dachshund come in two sizes – standard with a height between 8 – 9 inches, and the miniature stands 5 – 6 inches tall, while the Jack Russel terrier is slightly taller with some 10 – 12 inches. Both dogs are long-lived, and you can in general count on a life expectancy of 12 – 16 years, given you take good care of them.

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