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With Dogs they live with:  The Dachshund can do very well in a home with other dogs. They tend to be social canines, and they can also be playful. However, this breed has a very fragile spine- thanks to breeding efforts that made their torsos very long to easily slip into a badger hole to dispatch the hostile resident of the burrow. Because of this, it is best to keep an eye on the Dachshund while it is playing with other canines. Large dogs, in particular, that might not know they Doxies backs aren't that resilient. The Doxie can also get into trouble if it feels threatened by a larger dog. They aren't always aware of how small they are, and sometimes their courageous side might rear its head when a retreat would better serve them. Doxies also tend to prefer other Doxies. There is no scientific evidence that suggests dogs can recognize a member of their own breed. Even so, this breed like to be around like-minded- or like bodied individuals.   With Dogs they don't live with:  When around dogs, they don't know the Doxie can be great. But again, caution should be exhibited- or at least a watchful eye- around dogs that are much bigger or rougher. They prefer individual dogs with a temperament more similar to their own, and if they don't like someone, they will be sure to let them know, which might not always be a good thing.  With small animals:  As for small animals, this can significantly depend on individual Dachshunds. Some are excellent around cats, but they can't help themselves with birds or small rodents. Some Doxies just have too much prey drive to be able to deal with any small animals safely. The Dachshund was originally a hunting dog, and thus they have a prey-drive that is still alive and well. It usually is best to bring a Doxie into a home where small animals are already present. So they can learn from a young age how it is appropriate for them to interact with them. The other animals' attitudes should also come into consideration. As a bad-mannered cat can do severe damage to a Dachshund pup, which might leave a lasting negative impression as the Dachshund is the sensitive type and can get their feelings hurt easily.  With their Children: Doxie's do great with children. Though, they tend to do better with children that are a little older. Not that they can't succeed with younger kids, but it will require more attentiveness. Since the Dachsund is sensitive, they might not always appreciate being at the whims of a younger child who will touch them everywhere and anywhere and possibly make them uncomfortable. This can easily be a recipe for disaster and can even cause the Doxie to get a little bit snappy if it starts to feel threatened.  With other children: With proper socialization and good introductions to give the Doxie a strong and confident foundation around children, they can do well with kids. Even kids that aren't their own. When this breed does not feel threatened or made to be constantly uncomfortable, they can really be playful and a lot of fun. 

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