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Everything You NEED TO KNOW About The DACHSHUND!

Everything You NEED TO KNOW About The DACHSHUND!


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As I have already mentioned, the Dachshund is an extremely popular breed because of its very recognisable appearance. Commonly known as a ‘Sausage Dog’ this pup’s long body, short height and general cute outward appearance has caused the breed to be on the most popular dog breeds list since the 1950s. They are extremely affectionate and loyal little dogs that have high intelligence and an eagerness to please making them quick learners.  There are quite a few different variations of the Dachshund in regard to their coats including Smooth, Wirehaired and Longhaired. Smooth Dachshund’s have a short and shiny coat and can be a variety of colours including red, cream, brindle, black, chocolate, grey, fawn, and tan. They can be single-coloured, two-coloured or even Dappled. Wirehaired Dachshunds’ coats are very different in comparison to the Smooth Dachshunds’ as they have short, thick and rough hair as the topcoat with a soft undercoat, and the most common colour for the Wirehair is wild boar. Longhaired Dachshunds have a silky and slightly wavy long coat which gives them a rather elegant appearance. This breed does shed, but not in majorly excessive amounts and their coat is pretty low maintenance. Wirehaired Dachshunds need regular brushing and commonly need their coats ‘stripped’ two or three times a year to keep them looking their best. The longhaired dogs also need to be brushed regularly to prevent any tangled mats forming in their coats and also need bathing more regularly than other coat varieties to keep their coat healthy.  The lifespan of the Dachshund ranges from 12 to 13 years. As with all dog breeds, they can be more prone to particular health conditions, which is incredibly important to be aware of before bringing a Dachshund into your home. For this breed, you should expect to see health clearances from the breeder which have been completed by a certified scheme. There are many Health Tests available for all dog breeds in order to understand potential risks and the level of those risks which includes Progressive Retinal Atrophy for Dachshunds in particular. Certain health conditions that Dachshunds are more prone to include back problems, epilepsy, degenerative eye disorders, bloat, hormonal conditions, diabetes and deafness. Being aware of this prior to getting a dog is significantly important since, as an owner, you need to be able to care for your dog in the way they require which could mean some large vet bills. Male and female Dachshunds are around 20 to 27 centimetres in height and both weigh between 9 and 12 kilograms. Although these little dogs are small in size, they do require quite a lot of daily exercise to be happy and healthy dogs. They need a minimum of one hour a day which should be a combination of taking your dog out for a couple walks each day and also plenty of playtime. If they are not given enough exercise and mental stimulation each day then these little dogs can develop bad habits and destructive behavioural issues, as well as suffering from separation anxiety if they are left alone for too long. Dachshunds are energetic dogs that love to be able to run around, so it’s important to have a secure and safe environment for them to do so in order to release their high amounts of energy. Having a secure garden is important as Dachshunds as a breed have been known to be incredibly good at digging their way out under a fence – their front legs are designed for them to be expert diggers. Also, adult Dachshunds need to be fed twice a day with good quality food that meets their requirements. Exercise is incredibly important for this breed as they need to burn off any excess calories as they can be more prone to obesity than other breeds.  A key fact to know about the Dachshund is that they are a Pedigree Breed recognised by the Kennel Club in England as part of the Hound Group. They are scent hound dogs that were bred to hunt badgers and other tunnelling animals – hence their impressive digging abilities and high stamina. They were also used in packs to trail wild boar. The average price for a Kennel Club registered Dachshund is around £1200 and non-Kennel Club registered dogs are around £800. The Dachshund is an extremely impressive little breed with lots of amazing qualities, but do make sure that before getting a pup that you know all the key facts regarding the breed you are looking at to make sure you are able to care for them in the way they need.

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