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The Dachshund can be something of a challenge to get them all of the exercise that they need. They are active little hunting dogs, but because their backs are fragile, it can make things a little more complicated than with some other breeds.  The most important thing to remember about the Dachshund is to try and prevent them from doing too much jumping or roughhousing too much as this can be some of the most common ways in which this breed can injure themselves. Lots of intensive running can also be a bad idea. But, allowing the Doxie just to be idle and put on a lot of weight is equally as dangerous.  One of the best ways to exercise this breed is by taking them out for a walk. They wouldn’ do well with being a running partner. But, if you are a fan of leisure walk, the Doxie would benefit significantly from joining you.  They also enjoy a good play session in the back yard. Just make sure it isn’t anything too intense.  And if you are looking for a more inventive way to help your Doxie burn off some energy, invest in some pop-out tunnels made for dogs. This breed was bred to burrow down into badger holes to hunt them. So, if you could make them a little course to do laps through, this will help satisfy the instinct to a degree and help them get some exercise.  Mental Stimulation:  The Dachshund also needs a good amount of mental stimulation to keep their mind engage and to help them deplete some of that mental energy. There are tons of ways to provide your dog with mental stimulation.  You could provide your canine companion with a foraging mat or a puzzle ball. For both of these, you place food in them, and the dog needs to find a way to get to the tasty little pieces of kibble- or whatever you put inside.  If you don’t want to go out and buy either of these things. Then you can get something close to the same result by taking a cup of kibble and spreading it out over a grassy area. This also engages the dog’s nose and makes them have to sniff out the food.  The Doxie would also benefit greatly from having a little space for them to dig. Again, we mentioned their origins before, and if you can provide them with a spot that is acceptable for them to dig in, they would absolutely appreciate it.  Bad Outcomes: If the Doxie does not get the mental and physical stimulation, they need it can spell trouble. In the way of both health and behavioral problems. Allowing the Doxie to become obese can put too much strain on their backs and result in some very, very costly vet bills.  Health matters aside; you will probably also see some behavioral issues start to arise. They could begin to chew on inappropriate things. Start to bark excessively to entertain themselves. Or start digging all over the backyard in an attempt to soothe themselves. 

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