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How To Groom Your DACHSHUND

How To Groom Your DACHSHUND


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Brushing The Doxie comes in three different coat types: Smooth, or short-haired, long-haired, and wire-haired. Each different fur type requires different care and attention.  The brushes you will need for a short-haired Doxie are:  A firm bristle brush- and that's it! The smooth-haired Doxie doesn't have much of an undercoat, and they can be easily managed with a weekly brushing. They do shed occasionally, but it is still essential to groom them weekly. This helps to remove dirt, uncomfortable lose hairs, helps with bonding, and brushing helps to move natural oils the form near the skin and spread them out through the rest of the coat to keep your Doxie looking top-notch!  The long-haired Doxie is a whole other beast. They have an undercoat, their long hair mats easily, and they will have more seasonal shedding. They will need a good brushing once every week. But, you will need to actually work through their coats instead of just doing a quick once over.  The brushes you will need for a long-haired Doxie are:  Grooming mitts for everyday use.  A slicker brush.  And last, what brushes do you need for the wire-haired Doxie? You will need a:  A firm bristle brush.  A stripping knife.  And a pair of trimmers.  The wire-haired Doxie needs a once over with the bristle brush at least once a week to keep shedding to a minimal and more as the temperature changes as they are prone to seasonal shedding. They do also have long hairs that grow around their muzzle and eyes, which will need to be trimmed as needed. Then twice a year, when their coat starts to look dull, you will need your handy-dandy stripping knife to remove any unhealthy hair.  Bathing It is a good idea to bath you Dachshund every few months. This keeps their coat looking good, helps with the removal of loose hair and dirt. High-quality natural dog shampoo is always recommended or hypoallergenic formula for dogs with skin sensitivity. However, human shampoo should never be used on any dog as it does damage to their hair and skin.  You should also brush your Doxie out before and after a bath. To remove most of the loose hair and then after when their fur is mostly dry. This helps to ensure no water is trapped under the hair and the coat will dry properly. Moisture left trapped under the hair to just lay against the skin can cause hot-spots, skin irritation, and infections in a worst-case scenario If it is stripping time for your wire-haired Doxie, you should do any stripping before a bath. As the tool works better and clings to the hair more when it is slightly dirty.  Eye Care Eye care for a Doxie is minimal. They don't have many know eye issues. However, you want to make sure the hair around the eyes on a wire coat is maintained. If it gets too long, it does risk getting in the way of their field of vision and can be uncomfortable.   Ear Care The Doxie is a breed with floppy ears, and this means ear care should become a part of your regular grooming routine. Cotton balls and a canine ear cleaning solution will be your go too for this. Just dampen the cotton ball with some cleaning solution and wipe it around the part of the ear you can see. Do not press the cotton ball into the ear canal as you can damage the dog's inner ear.  After a bath, playing in the sprinkler, or after a swim, you should take care to dry out the dog's ears with a dry cotton ball. Leaving moisture to sit in the ears will create bacteria or yeast growth and can lead to infections. If you notice the dog is itching at its ears, tilting its head abnormally, there is a bad smell or an excess of flaky build up it is time for a vet visit as this can mean infection or a parasite problem which will require medication to resolve.  Nail Care Nails care for a Doxie is normal. Though, you may need to trim the hair around the toes of a long-haired Doxie to prevent matting. When a nail trim is required, the tell-tale sign is if you hear the dog's nails click against a hard surface when they stand up from lying down. 

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